What are the thirty six state and capital?

The following is a list of Nigerian States capitals….List of capitals of states of Nigeria.

State Capital
Akwa Ibom Uyo
Anambra Awka
Bauchi Bauchi
Bayelsa Yenagoa

What are the 36 state we have in Nigeria?

36 States of Nigeria

  • Abia State (Umuahia)
  • Adamawa State (Yola)
  • Akwa Ibom State (Uyo)
  • Anambra State (Awka)
  • Bauchi State (Bauchi)
  • Bayelsa State (Yenagoa)
  • Benue State (Makurdi)
  • Borno State (Maiduguri)

What is the slogan of Ogun State?

Gateway State
List of Nigerian states’ nicknames

State Nickname
Niger State The Power State
Ogun State Gateway State
Ondo State Sunshine State
Osun State Land of Virtue (formerly State of the Living Spring)

What are state slogans?

Alabama – Yellowhammer State.

  • Alaska – The Last Frontier.
  • Arizona – The Grand Canyon State.
  • Arkansas – The Natural State.
  • California – The Golden State.
  • Colorado – The Centennial State.
  • Connecticut – The Constitution State.
  • Delaware – The First State.
  • What is state capital?

    Definitions of state capital. the capital city of a political subdivision of a country.

    Which are the States in Nigeria with capitals and slogans?

    States in Nigeria, their capitals and slogans 1 Abia State 2 Adamawa State 3 Akwa Ibom State 4 Anambra State 5 Bauchi State 6 Bayelsa State 7 Benue State

    What is Nigeria’s slogan?

    This state’s slogan is the pace setter state. It is located in southwestern Nigeria and home to the University of Ibadan, the first University in Nigeria.

    How many states in Nigeria have no state capital?

    List of Nigeria’s 36 States with their Capitals and Current Governors S. No State Capital Slogan Current Governor 1 Abia State Umuahia God’s Own State Okezie Ikpeazu

    Why is Kano the centre of Commerce in Nigeria?

    To add to this glory, Kano is one of the top commercial states in Nigeria earning it the nickname “centre of commerce”. Talking of agriculture, Kano state is a major player as it is a major producer of soybean, sesame, cotton as well as hides and skin. Other crops in this state include groundnut, garlic, gum Arabic and chilli pepper.