Was ist Sixx?

The new station Sixx is emotional, confident, lively and demanding. Sixx has modern women in their sight specifically for video essays and entertaining lifestyle shows on topics such as dating tips or cooking and baking recipes to inspire them. Die Super tvpinto.com überträgt die Serie “Sixx.” Der Sender SIXX betont die Themen Frauenklischees.

Is Sixx the best channel for women?

SIXX has established a successful track record as a channel for women and is reaping the benefits of being able to air more first-run films and US TV series in German. The highly anticipated premieres of Ringer and Pan Am are just two examples. After a SIXX show airs, the show is available for three weeks on its streaming portal free of cost.

What kind of shows does Sixx have?

For its initial programming, SIXX mainly repeated the American television series that were shown on ProSieben, such as “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” As a special coup, it was able to get Oprah Winfrey’s extremely popular show onto the channel.

Who are the members of about Sixx?

About Sixx:A.M. Nikki Sixx Dj ASHBA James Michael Touring Band Music The Heroin Diaries This Is Gonna Hurt Modern Vintage Prayers For The Damned Prayers For The Blessed