How do I insert the same data in multiple rows?

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  1. How to select all the cells where you want to enter the same data. Select the entire column. Select the entire row. Select several cells. Select the whole table.
  2. The fastest way to insert a formula into the entire column.
  3. Insert the same data into multiple cells using Ctrl+Enter.

How do I insert multiple rows in a table?

How to insert multiple rows in a Word table

  1. Select the representative rows for 5, 6, and 7. You select three rows, because you want to insert three rows.
  2. Click the contextual Layout tab, if necessary.
  3. Click Insert Above in the Rows & Columns group. As you can see, Word adds three new rows with just one insert action!

What is the best and fast way to insert 2 million rows of data into SQL Server?

You can try with SqlBulkCopy class. Lets you efficiently bulk load a SQL Server table with data from another source.

Is SQL bulk insert faster?

The performance of the bulk insert is very low. The bulk insert of 10 million records takes about 2 hours.

How to multiply rows in SQL?

want to multiply values from two columns of a table. Our database has a table named purchase with data in the following columns: id, name, price, quantity, and discount_id. Let’s multiply the price by the quantity of the products to find out how much you paid for each item in your order.

How to insert multiple rows using stored procedure in SQL?

– We have defined two parameters in the stored procedure: @state: Name of a state in USA @population: Population of the provided state – The stored procedure will take these values as input and use these inside an insert statement to insert the record in the dbo.States_in_USA table. – Now we will execute this stored procedure with some values:

How to split single row into multiple rows in SQL?

The solution proposed in this tip explores two SQL Server commands that can help us achieve the expected results. The SQL Server T-SQL commands used are STUFF and FOR XML.

  • The T-SQL STUFF command is used to concatenate the results together.
  • The FOR XML option for the SELECT command has four options (i.e.
  • Which SQL pattern is faster to avoid inserting duplicate rows?

    In SQL Server Data Tools,create a new Integration package.

  • Open OLE DB source editor and configuration the source connection and select the destination table
  • Click on Preview data and you can see we still have duplicate data in the source table
  • Add a Sort operator from the SSIS toolbox for SQL delete operation and join it with the source data