What is the song on the Kia Sorento commercial?

Kia Sorento Commercial – Bear & Eagle – Song by The Heavy Titled ‘The Bear & The Eagle’, here’s a look at the TV commercial for the Kia Sorento that describes the midsize SUV as “The world’s first storytelling machine”. The ad spot shows the AWD…

What is the song on the Kia commercial?

Music and artist details to this ‘Live Every Moment’ TV ad for the All-New Kia Stonic urban crossover car. Song Title: Live It. Singer/Rapper: Nitro. Available To Download From: iTunes…

Who sings the new Kia commercial?

Kia’s commercial features Bonnie Tyler’s biggest hit Tyler, who has consistently performed the smash hit since the ’80s, still speaks highly of it. In an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine, she called it “an incredible song.” “I never get tired of singing it,” she said. “Every time I sing it is like the first time.

Who sings Stonic song?

Titled ‘Live It’, the hip-hop/rap song featured in this commercial is performed by Nitro and was recently released for download as a single on the 7th of September, 2017.

What is the Kia hamster song?

This big game ad features the Kia Soul hamster song “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep. This ad plays off the lyric “this or that” that’s repeated throughout the song, reminding us all that we have a choice: a mundane car or an innovative new Kia Soul.

Who is in the Kia commercial?

Sam Page, the actor who stars in Kia’s new commercial with Robo Dog, has welcomed the adorable robot to his family! The 45-year-old actor took to Instagram after the 2022 Super Bowl to share a photo of his family posing with the adorable Robo Dog.

Who is in Kia commercial?

Where was the new Kia Sorento commercial filmed?

KIA just released a brand new SUV commercial that was shot entirely in Bannock Ghost Town, Montana. In the commercial, new KIA SUV models can be seen kicking up dust as they cruise through Bannock Ghost Town. Bannock Ghost Town is 140 miles southwest of Bozeman in Bannock State Park.

Do Kia make commercial vehicles?

Kia has a dedicated, expert team, specialists in catering to the needs of business users. The Kia Business team is on hand to help, whether this is your first business car or you are looking to replace an entire fleet of vehicles.