What is the plot of 90210?

Like its predecessor, the show follows the lives of several wealthy students attending West Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California. The show later focuses on the same group of friends when they graduate and begin their lives in the adult world.

What happened at the end of the original 90210?

Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) and David Silver (Brian Austin Green) finally say their vows, and on-and-off couple Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) and Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) reunite, as the curtain closes on the teen drama series Beverly Hills, 90210 after 10 seasons.

What is the difference between 90210 and Beverly Hills, 90210?

The title changed from Beverly Hills 90210 to, simply 90210. Makes sense. 90210 became such a famous zip code because of the original show it does stand on its own. As with the original series, the new one started with a family from the Midwest moving into town.

Why is it called 90210?

The series follows the lives of a group of friends living in Beverly Hills, California, as they transition from high school to college and into the adult world. “90210” refers to one of the city’s five ZIP codes.

Why did Jason Priestley leave Beverly Hills, 90210?

Even though Priestley left the show, he remained an executive producer until the series finale in 2000. So, why the actor leave? “I felt that the character of Brandon had kind of run his course. I had explored everything I wanted to explore with him,” he told CNN in 2014.

Do Kelly and Brandon end up together?

While we’ll give a little leeway for some of the unmemorable flings Kelly and Donna had over the years (Mark, who?), we were aghast, as was Garth, when she learned that Kelly never married Brandon (they called it off at the altar in Season 8), Kelly chose Dylan in the finale and they even had a baby (as revealed in the …

How many seasons of 90210 original?

Beverly Hills, 90210 (often referred to by its short title, 90210) is an American teen drama television series created by Darren Star and produced by Aaron Spelling under his production company Spelling Television.The series ran for ten seasons on Fox from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000, and is the first of six television series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise.

What does 90210 stand for?

What does 90210 stand for? 90210. 90210 is the US ZIP code of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood – California. Is 90210 a real zip code? Zip code 90210 is primarily located in Los Angeles County. The official US Postal Service name for 90210 is BEVERLY HILLS, California. Zip code 90210 is within area code 424, area code 310 and area code 818.

Why did they name the series 90210?

– Debut: Class of Beverly Hills /Pilot – 7.2 rating – Series Finale: 16.8 million viewers; 9.6 rating (8-10pm) – Specials: Behind the Scenes (Season 3): 8.2 rating Best Moments of 90210 (Season 6): 8.4 rating Our Favorite Moments of 90210 (Season 9): 5.3 rating Final Goodbye (Season 10): 6.8

Why did Brenda leave 90210?

Why did Brenda leave Beverly Hills 90210? Allegedly, after being removed from the cast, Doherty had moved onto the show Charmed in 1998 but her character was killed off at the end of the third season due to another feud/fight with co-star Alyssa Milano. Charmed was also another show produced by Aaron Spelling, funnily enough.