What is i2p converter?

An I/P converter is a current-to-pressure transducer utilized in industrial control systems. It is a small module device used in applications to translate a current analog signal (I) into a pneumatic output (P).

How does an electro pneumatic converter work?

A multi-turn, flexure- mounted voice coil is suspended in the air gap. The input current flows through the coil creating an electromagnetic force that tends to repel the coil and thus converts the current signal into a mechanical force.

How do you calibrate a PI converter?

Calibration procedure calibration of P/I converter.

  1. Set digital calibrator on measure mode.
  2. Connect input signal i.e. 3-15 psig.
  3. Set the input signal to 3 psig and check the output current as 4 mA.
  4. If the current is showing more or less than 4 mA then adjust zero pot to make output 4ma.

What is EP transducer?

Electro-pneumatic transducers convert a current or voltage input into proportional output pressure. They are often paired with valves, pneumatic relays, and flow regulators in process control applications.

What is electropneumatic transducer?

Series EPTA | Electro-Pneumatic Transducers are an electric to pneumatic transducer that converts an analog input signal to a linearly proportionate pneumatic output. No air consumption and is immune to mounting orientation.

How do sensors convert signals?

The sensor or the device with input function is a microphone. It senses the sound signals and transforms them into electrical signals. The amplifier receives these electrical signals and amplifies their strength. The actuator or the device with output function is loudspeaker.

What is I2P?

What is I2P? The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a fully encrypted private network layer. It protects your activity and location. Every day people use the network to connect with people without worry of being tracked or their data being collected.

What is an I/P converter?

An I/P Converter is also known as a “current to pressure transducer” as it provides flow/speed controls and directional control functions in a single valve. Otherwise known as an I/P Transducer, an I/P Converter eliminates the need for any external power supply by translating electric currents into pneumatic output.

What is a current to pressure (I/P) converter?

A “current to pressure” (I/P) converter converts an analog signal (4 to 20 mA) to a proportional linear pneumatic output (3 to 15 psig). Its purpose is to translate the analog output from a control system into a precise, repeatable pressure value to control pneumatic actuators/operators, pneumatic valves, dampers, vanes, etc.

How do I replace the converter on my i2p-100 transducer?

Instruction Manual D103198X012 i2P-100 Transducer September 2021 17 Replacement 1. Lubricate the O‐ring (key 55) with a silicone sealant before replacing the converter module in the housing. 2. Insert the converter module into position in the housing (key 1). Replace the two screws (key 52) and tighten them. 3.