Is Albany Creek State High School Good?

As part of our school’s commitment to develop innovative thinkers, successful learners and connected communities, Albany Creek State High School has been accredited as an Excellence School in the Arts – Production and Performance.

How many students attend Albany Creek High School?

1,333Albany Creek State High School / Number of students

How much does state school cost in Qld?

For instance, our research shows that over the course of seven years of primary education, the estimated annual cost of education for a child starting school in the public system in Queensland this year will average out to: School fees: $210. Outside tuition: $2,050. Electronic devices: $513.

How many state schools are there in Brisbane?

1258 state schools
In Queensland there are 1258 state schools and 548 independent and catholic schools. Queensland state schools offer students a range of award winning programs, high quality teaching and pathways to university or training.

What is Albany Creek postcode?

4035Albany Creek / Postal code

Are state schools free in Queensland?

Queensland has an extensive state education system, which are free to attend and open to all residents, funded by the Queensland Government Department of Education. Although the basic education of the students is free, fees may be levied for extra goods and services such as text books, school photos and magazines.

Are QLD state schools free?

Public education should be free. But last year Queensland parents had to pay $89 million in school service fees, and millions more in extra costs….Current Share of School Resource Standard Committed by 2023.

State/Territory Queensland
State/Territory Government 69.26%
Federal Government 20%
Total 89.26%

What is the biggest school in Queensland?

Brisbane State High School is Queensland’s largest secondary school. Enrolment at this school requires the student to live in the catchment area otherwise entry can be sought for academic, sporting or musical excellence by following the selection process.

What is Arana Hills postcode?

4054Arana Hills / Postal code

What is the postcode for Warner?

4500Warner / Zip code

What age is Grade 1 in Qld?

4 to 5 years
The Queensland school system starts at Prep (4 to 5 years of age) and goes to Year 12 (average age 17 years old). Students complete 7 years of primary school (Prep to Year 6) and 6 years of high school (Years 7–12)….The Queensland academic year.

Semesters Terms
Semester 1 Term 1 (January to March) Term 2 (April to June)