What were the main causes of conflict in Kosovo?

The immediate cause of the conflict in Kosovo was Slobodan Milosevic, and his oppression of the ethnic Albanians there for the preceding decade.

How was the conflict resolved in Kosovo?

The Kosovo conflict was essentially settled on June 3, 1999, when Slobodan Milosevic, then-president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, decided to accept NATO’s terms for ending its 78-day bombing campaign.

Was propaganda used in the Bosnian war?

The Croatian media engaged in propaganda during both the Croatian War of Independence and the Bosnian War. Some analysts have also claimed that propaganda tactics were used by the Western media in covering of the wars, particularly in its negative portrayal of Serbs during the conflicts.

What happened to Kosovo’s war crimes case?

The Hague-based special court for Kosovo began its first war crimes trial in September while a Pristina court secured Kosovo’s first conviction for wartime rape. Journalists continued to be targets of attacks, threats and intimidation, with perpetrators rarely held to account.

Why did Russia criticize the West’s role in Kosovo?

The West’s support for the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was fighting against Yugoslav forces for Kosovar autonomy from Serbia, led even democratically minded Russian opposition lawmakers to vehemently criticize Western actions in the Balkans.

Why is Russia invoking Kosovo to invoke Kosovo in Ukraine?

By invoking Kosovo in Ukraine, Russia is demonstrating (to itself most of all) that it has returned to great-power status and intends to carry out an explicit undoing of the post-Cold War security architecture, crossing the threshold into a different world order, rather than simply straining or revising the current rules.

Did Slobodan Milosevic cause the Kosovo crisis?

If you look at the most popular history portal on the Russian internet, which is Kremlin-funded, you will read that the crisis in Kosovo was not caused by the Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic deliberately stirring up nationalist tensions or ethnic cleansing of Kosovar Albanians and others.