What happened to Spy Mouse HD?

On May 4, 2015, this and many other old titles were shut down by EA. After the release of iOS 11, all 32-bit apps, including Spy Mouse, can no longer be opened and will prompt the user to uninstall it, and in late 2020, the servers for downloading the resources for SPY Mouse on Android were shut down.

Why was SPY mouse removed?

The company explained in a support document posted to its website that it’s decided to remove these titles in order to focus its energies on “developing new and exciting titles, as well as bringing new content and updates to existing popular games.” The removed games will no longer be supported or updated.

Who Made SPY mouse?

Firemonkeys StudiosSpy Mouse / DeveloperFiremonkeys Studios is an Australian developer and publisher of video games, based in Melbourne, Victoria. In May 2011, Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of Firemint for an undisclosed sum, making it an in-house studio for EA Interactive. Wikipedia

What is the game with the mouse cat and cheese?

Rodent’s Revenge is a puzzle video game created by Christopher Lee Fraley and distributed as part of Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2 in 1991. The player takes on the role of a mouse, with the objective being to trap cats by pushing blocks around, whilst avoiding obstacles….

Rodent’s Revenge
Mode(s) Single-player

Why was Sims 3 taken off the app Store?

These games were removed from the app stores because EA no longer holds the license for this Hasbro game. As such, this game can no longer be made available for download.

Is there an app like Bookworm?

Other interesting Android alternatives to Bookworm (by PopCap) are Lexica (Free, Open Source), Alphabear (Freemium), Words of Gold (Freemium) and Word Wise (Free).

Can you still play rodents revenge?

Now you can play this classic on your iOS device and compete against other players all around the world!

How do you play rodents revenge?

The player takes on the role of a mouse, with the objective being to trap cats by pushing blocks around, whilst avoiding obstacles. To win a level, the mouse must stay alive and trap all the cats using the movable blocks. Doing so changes the cats into cheese, which the mouse can eat for extra points.

What game is most like Bookworm?

There are more than 10 games similar to Bookworm (by PopCap) for a variety of platforms, including Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Windows….

  • Falling Word Search. Free • Proprietary.
  • Lexica. Free • Open Source.
  • Tanglet. Free • Open Source.
  • Alphabear.
  • Word Wise.
  • Rex verbi.
  • Words of Gold.
  • Word Wise.