Is there going to be a Blues Clues movie?

A new Blue’s Clues movie, Blue’s Big City Adventure, is coming this year, and a full-length Baby Shark movie is coming in 2023. In case you’re not caught up with the happenings of the “Blue’s Clues” world, Steve Burns was the original host, from 1996-2002.

Where do they film Blues Clues?

Blue’s Clues was filmed in a studio in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York.

Was Blues Clues shown in the UK?

Kevin (Kevin Duala) is the main host of Blue’s Clues in the United Kingdom. He is exclusive on all Blue’s Clues episodes on the UK.

Is Blue’s Clues CGI?

The visual style remains true to the original, but the characters are rendered in CGI, as depicted in a teaser image. See here for all episodes of Blue’s Clues & You!.

Is Josh related to Joe and Steve?

Josh (played by Josh Dela Cruz) – The host of the new series. He is a cousin of Steve and Joe from the original series.

When did Blue’s Clues and you end?

Blue’s Clues & You!
Original release November 11, 2019 – present
Preceded by Blue’s Clues (1996–2006)
Related shows Blue’s Room

Who are the actors in Blues Clues?

Josh Dela Cruz is seriously into health and fitness.

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu taught Josh Dela Cruz mindfulness.
  • There were thousands of actors vying for his role.
  • Josh Dela Cruz changed children’s television.
  • Blue’s Clues’ new host grew up watching the show.
  • Living the Blue’s Clues dream.
  • Josh Dela Cruz has performed on Broadway.
  • Did Blues Clues go to jail?

    Steve Burns hosted Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues for seven years. The hit puzzle show for kids made them feel like they were playing along at home. Burns somehow walked the fine line between creepy

    Did Steve come back to Blues Clues?

    “Blue’s Clues” Steve’s message to fans 01:26 There is a scene from a children’s show many millennials still remember: the moment Steve Burns, dressed in his striped green shirt and khaki pants, picked up a large suitcase, walked out the door, and boarded

    Who plays the voice of Blues Clues?

    Voiced most times by Traci Paige Johnson. Images of the Blue voice actors from the Blue’s Clues franchise.