Is StarLogo Nova free?

StarLogo is free and runs in an Internet browser, with project sharing options – students can play games created by others, and teachers can use simulations developed by the StarLogo community to illustrate complex concepts.

What is StarLogo Nova?

StarLogo Nova is an agent-based game and simulation programming environment that combines an easy-to-use blocks-based programming language with a powerful simulation engine and 3D renderer. With StarLogo Nova you can: Create, edit, and run games and simulations right in the browser, no installation necessary.

When was StarLogo created?


Designed by Mitchel Resnick, Eric Klopfer, Daniel Wendel
Developers MIT: Media Lab, Scheller Teacher Education Program
First appeared 2001
Stable release StarLogo Nova 2.1 / November 24, 2018
Major implementations