Is Pinko an Italian brand?

Pinko is an Italian clothing and accessories brand for women, launched in the early 1980s by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini.

Is Pinko a luxury brand?

Founded in the early ’90s by Pietro Negra, President and CEO, and his wife Cristina Rubini, PINKO is an Italian independent fashion brand positioned in the entry to luxury segment. The collections are characterized by a unique and feminine attitude, by an original flair that stands out women’s style.

Is Pinko a UK brand?

Pinko is an Italian women’s fashion brand. It was founded in the early 1980s by Pietro Negra, the current CEO, and his wife Cristina Rubini. As of 2016, they have over 500 retail outlets worldwide.

Where are Pinko products made?

“Everything is designed in Italy, and mostly manufactured in Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean region. We also produce a small amount of products in China.”

How does FARFETCH work?

Farfetch is an online luxury fashion marketplace. It works together with brands and boutiques to sell their products on its platform. Farfetch makes money from commissions, fulfillment services, a white-label software solution, in-store and online sales, as well as income from the wholesale of products.

Is Farfetch second hand?

Are FarFetch Items Real? All items that you find on FarFetch are original. Also, the platform has very high standards when it comes to its partners. It works only with high-quality brands, ensuring that you get only top-notch products.

Does Farfetch sell used items?

For pieces that have stood the test of time, shop our collection of pre-owned designer pieces on sale.

Where is FARFETCH based?

London, England

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Founded June 2007
Headquarters London, England
Key people José Neves, founder and CEO
Industry E-commerce

How legit is Farfetch?

Legit and Safe FarFetch is a legitimate choice. Its partners are trustworthy, and it also has a good return policy.

What is Pinko style?

A metropolitan and glamorous style is visible in all Pinko creations, from clothing to accessories, where the mix of fabrics, colors and materials is designed to be a means of expressing a dynamic and contemporary femininity. … A GIFT FOR YOU!

Where can I find Pinko’s privacy policy?

For more information, consult our full privacy policy, which in any case is always available and attainable on the website. submit

What’s in the new level on the pinko app?

Play the new level on our app and discover the new special surprise in store for you: feel irresistible and unstoppable at all times! Festival Fever: an open-air concert with Theia, two Italian musicians, for the new chapter of PINKO for Fearless Beauty.

How to enjoy the festive season with Pinko?

Enjoy the magic of the festive period with PINKO: play through our app and discover special surprises each day to make you feel irresistible and unstoppable. The clean, linear aesthetic of Eleonora Carisi meets the unique and explosive creativity of PINKO: find out how this new, super-feminine capsule collection was born.