Does the PS3 have 500GB?

Very Good, previously enjoyed & gently played. Tested, Cleaned, Factory Reset & Ready to Play! Comes with Black Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim 500GB console, 3rd Party Controller, HDMI, power cord….Product information.

Date First Available November 9, 2012

How many MB is PS3?

Originally Answered: How much RAM does a PS3 have? 512 MB, divided as two 256 MB blocks, one accessible to the CPU and the other to the GPU. Its main competitor was the Xbox 360 which also sported 512 MB of RAM, but the PS3’s arrangement had the benefit of doubling total available memory bandwidth in the ideal case.

What can you do with a PlayStation 3 500GB system?

Play, Stream, and Watch your favorite games, movies, and television shows with the PlayStation®3 500GB System.

What does the PS3 come with with it?

It has all cables necessary to get started and some random games. I ordered this and it came with the console, PS3 (Sony) controller, usb cable for controller, power cable, hdmi cable, and 4 random games (they will likely differ from the picture, as stated). My games were 2 action, 1 shooter (FPS), and a sports game.

Should I buy a used PS3 Super Slim 500 GB?

That is why I tried to purchase a used one after my original super slim 500 gb that I bought in 2013 finally crashed at the end of 2019. I decided to invest in a used PS3 super slim 500 gb at a fairly low cost. I bought from the Amazon Warehouse, in Used: Good condition. Shipping was very fast, even faster than expected.

How hard is it to get into PS3 store?

Getting into the playstation store is a hassle and doing things like syncing trophies or loading your download list run you the risk of locking your PS3. Having said all that though the PS3 now has an extensive library and some really great games.