Where did the 2012 Summer Olympics take place?

The 2012 Summer Olympics (officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad and also known as London 2012) were an international multi-sport event held from 27 July to 12 August 2012 in London, United Kingdom.

Will London riots affect security of 2012 Olympic Games?

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Why were the 2012 Olympic Games so successful?

Women’s boxing was included for the first time, and the 2012 Games became the first at which every sport had female competitors. The Games received considerable praise for their organisation, with the volunteers, the British military and public enthusiasm commended particularly highly.

Are all medallists to be drug tested at the 2012 Olympics?

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How successful were the 2012 Olympics in London?

Several world and Olympic records were set at the London Olympics. Though there were several controversies, the 2012 Games were deemed highly successful with the rising competition standards amongst nations across the world, packed stadiums, and smooth organisation.

How many countries will compete in the 2012 Olympic Games?

Retrieved 19 July 2012. From the 27th of July 2012 – 204 countries will send more than 10,000 athletes to compete in 300 events ^ “London 2012: Election”. International Olympic Committee. Archived from the original on 24 April 2012. Retrieved 2 October 2009.

Who won the men’s plus-80k at the 2012 Olympics?

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Who won the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Games?

The star of the gymnastics events was Gabrielle Douglas of the United States, who won the women’s individual all-around gold and was a member of the gold medal-winning U.S. team. Yevgeniya Kanayeva of Russia performing en route to winning a gold medal in the individual rhythmic gymnastics all-around event at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Who won road cycling at the 2012 Olympic Games?

London 2012 Olympic women’s road cycling competitionMarianne Vos (left) of the Netherlands beating Britain’s Elizabeth Armitstead (right) and Russia’s Olga Zabelinskaya (centre) to the finish of the women’s race in the London 2012 Olympic Games road cycling competition.Ian Langsdon—EPA/Alamy.

Are there any demonstration sports in the 2012 Olympics?

Cricket and netball were suggested as possible demonstration sports in 2012, though none were held. More about Olympic Demonstration Sports. The following is a complete list of all 26 sports on the program for the 2012 Olympics:

Who won the 400m gold in the 2012 Olympics?

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Who won the Olympic 20 km (12 mi) walk in 2012?

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Did the 2012 London Olympics reflect the occult elite’s agenda?

The 2012 London Olympics were no exception as England’s history, culture and accomplishments were thoroughly celebrated and applauded. Some moments were grand, others were funny; some were dark and even disturbing. Other moments were highly symbolic, reflecting the agenda of the occult elite.

What is the logo of the 2012 Olympic Games?

The bid logo, created by Kino Design, was a ribbon with blue, yellow, black, green, and red stripes winding through the text “LONDON 2012”, making the shape of the River Thames in East London. The main logo, designed by Wolff Olins and published on 4 June 2007, is a representation of the number 2012, with the Olympic Rings embedded within the zero.

Who won the 200m at the 2012 Olympics?

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What is the 2012 Summer Olympics medal table?

2012 Summer Olympics medal table Rank NOC Gold Silver Bronze 9 Italy (ITA) 8 9 11 10 Hungary (HUN) 8 4 6 11 Japan (JPN) 7 14 17 12 Iran (IRI) 7 5 1

Who was in charge of the 2012 Paralympics?

As with the Olympics, the 2012 Summer Paralympics were overseen by LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). LOCOG was responsible for overseeing the staging of the games, while the ODA dealt with infrastructure and venues.

What will the London 2012 Olympic Athletes Village look like?

The tradition in London is to build homes around open spaces, communal squares, courtyards, and water features. The athletes village will follow this tradition of planning. When the 2012 games end, the village will be transformed into 2,800 new homes, including 1,379 that are deemed affordable.

What was the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad?

The London 2012 Games included a four-year Cultural Olympiad. It reached a climax with the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on 27 July 2012, starting a 60-day festival of sport and culture across the UK, as the Olympic and Paralympic spirit crossed the world once again.

Who won the 2012 Olympic gold medal at London Olympics?

Medals of London 2012 Olympics. Missy Franklin tied with Michael Phelps for most gold medals won at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Is London ready to host the 2012 Olympic Games?

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How much did it cost to host the 2012 Olympics?

Cost and financing. A study from Oxford University found that the sports-related costs of London 2012 was USD 15 billion, compared to USD 4.6 billion for Rio 2016, USD 40-44 billion for Beijing 2008 and USD 51 billion for Sochi 2014, the most expensive Olympics in history.

What is the Olympic motto for the 2012 Summer Olympics?

The official motto for the 2012 Summer Olympics is “Inspire a generation”. It was chosen to highlight the organisers’ commitment to inspire the world, including younger generations, to get involved in sporting events through the Games’ legacy.

Who won the 2012 Olympics medal winners?

List of 2012 Summer Olympics medal winners. Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin won the most gold medals at the games with four each. Phelps also won the greatest number of medals overall winning six in total. Bahrain, Botswana, Cyprus, Gabon, Grenada, Guatemala and Montenegro each won their first Olympic medal ever, with Grenada’s being gold.

Why was Tatyana Lysenko stripped of her Olympic gold medal?

c The original winner, Tatyana Lysenko of Rusia, was stripped of her gold medal after failing drugs tests. The rest of the competitors were elevated by one position accordingly. ^ Hersh, Phillip (26 July 2012). “2012 Olympics: Olympic spotlight should be on the athletes”.

What is the 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay?

Just 75 days from now, the 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay will begin its two-month journey from Land’s End, the westernmost tip of mainland England, to London’s new Olympic Stadium. The opening ceremony on July 27 will mark the end of a nearly decade-long process, beginning with London’s 2003 bid to host the 2012 games.

Who produced the 2012 Olympic Games?

In November 2012, the IOC announced the winners of the Golden Ring Awards for the best broadcast coverage of the Games. Best Olympic Sports Production was awarded to the sailing, produced by Christopher Lincoln, Gary Milkis, and Ursula Romero. The production for the canoe/kayak slalom and the rowing/canoe sprint came second and third respectively.

What was the name of the camera used at the 2012 Olympics?

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How many boats were in the men’s eight at the 2012 Olympics?

The men’s eight competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London took place at Dorney Lake which, for the purposes of the Games venue, was officially termed Eton Dorney. It was held from 28 July to 1 August. There were 8 boats (72 competitors) from 8 nations.

Who was the music director for the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?

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How many events were there in the 2012 Sailing Olympics?

The 2012 sailing program consisted of a total of ten events (eight classes). Eleven fleet races were scheduled off the coast at Weymouth Bay for each event, except for the 49er and the Elliott 6m classes.

What is the Olympic theme song for London 2012?

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Who won the 2012 Olympic decathlon in London?

The Men’s decathlon competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom, was held at the Olympic Stadium on 8–9 August. From the outset, new world record holder Ashton Eaton dominated the events with teammate Trey Hardee his closest competitor.

When did the 2012 Olympic torch relay start and end?

The Olympics torch relay ran from 19 May to 27 July 2012, before the Games. Plans for the relay were developed in 2010–11, with the torch-bearer selection process announced on 18 May 2011.

How many world records were broken at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

A number of world records and Olympic records were set in various events at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. 32 world records were broken in eight sports. The largest number of world records was set in swimming, with eight. China, Great Britain and the United States set the most records, with five each.

How many US athletes are in the 2012 Olympics?

United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The USOC sent a total of 530 athletes to the Games, 262 men and 268 women, to compete in 25 sports. For the first time in its Olympic history, the United States was represented by more female than male athletes.

Which country won the 2012 Olympics in equestrian?

Germany claimed the first Equestrian gold of the 2012 Olympic Games in the team eventing final, with Great Britain taking the silver and New Zealand winning the bronze. Michael Jung of Germany won gold in the Individual eventing, while Sara Algotsson Ostholt of Sweden won silver, and Sandra Auffarth of Germany won bronze.

Who won the men’s single sculls at the 2012 Olympics?

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