How much is a vinyl pool?

How much does a vinyl liner pool cost? Most vinyl liner pools cost $45,000–$65,000 upfront. If you choose a vinyl liner pool the homeowner has the ability to customize any type of pool that you would like to have in your backyard ( Shape & Size ). Vinyl liner pools cost about $11,500 in maintenance over 10 years.

How long do Vinyl pools last?

If we’re talking about the structure of the pool, it can last for almost 35 years (as long as it’s not wood). The liner itself, however, will need to be replaced much earlier. Vinyl liners have a lifespan of about 5-9 years.

Are vinyl pools worth it?

Vinyl Means Lower Maintenance Modern vinyl liners are extremely durable. Vinyl is a nonporous surface which means it won’t require as many chemicals as a concrete pool. Vinyl’s smooth surface also makes it harder for contaminants like algae to take hold and wreak havoc on your pool.

Are vinyl pools expensive?

Cost of a Vinyl Liner Pool The average initial cost of an inground vinyl liner pool can start around $35,000. Vinyl liner pools are less expensive than concrete pools in terms of initial cost, with concrete installation costs starting around $50,000.

Can you use salt water in a vinyl pool?

If you have a vinyl liner, you’ll be happy to know you can use a salt chlorinator system in your pool without taking any extra precautions. The liner will be exposed to lower levels of chlorine, so it may even extend your liner’s lifespan.

What is the lowest maintenance pool?

fiberglass pool
A fiberglass pool typically has the highest upfront cost but the lowest maintenance cost. They are quick to install, but because they’re built from a mold the shape is not customizable (and they can’t be wider than 16 feet). A vinyl pool has the lowest installation cost and can be built to any size and shape.

Is a fiberglass pool better then vinyl pool?

The steel or polymer walls, however, can last much longer. A fiberglass pool will save you money on electricity as compared to a vinyl liner pool. It does need as much cleaning, so the pumps 6 only run for 4 to 6 hours a day, less than the recommended time for a vinyl liner pool. This can make a big difference in annual maintenance costs.

How much does a vinyl pool cost?

Vinyl pools give you the freedom to build the pool that’s right for you. Start with the shape and base, then choose from a number of upgrades and customizations. Vinyl liner pools can range from simple, clean designs starting around $35,000 up to $100,000 for the large, feature-rich pool of your dreams.

How much does it cost to replace a vinyl pool?

There are things like maintenance, repairs, and replacements to consider. These costs vary depending on the size and type of pool. For a vinyl liner pool, expect to pay anywhere from upwards of $13,000 over ten years. Let’s take a closer look at some of these lifetime costs.

How to convert a vinyl pool to a concrete pool?

We install steel-reinforced gunite shell inside your pool. We can convert your vinyl pool to concrete, completely new pool inside your existing vinyl pool. We install steel-reinforced gunite shell inside your pool.