How long is a Bateson horse trailer?


Ext. length Ext. Width Int. Length
4.43m 2.18m 3.19m

What is the weight of a Bateson Ascot trailer?

Bateson Horsebox Trailer Specifications
Model Name Gross Weight Unladen Weight
Derby 1700kg 675kg
Deauville 2300kg 860kg
Ascot 2300kg 925kg

How much does an Ifor Williams 505 weight?


Model Tyres Unladen Weight
HB403 155R13C/165R13C 767kg
HB506 165R13C 920kg
HB511 165R13C 1000kg

How wide is a double horse trailer?

A standard 2 horse trailer is 6′ width, 7′ tall and has a stall length of 10′. Of course, depending on the horse trailer brand and model, it can vary in size and the weight is capable of holding.

What weight is a Ifor Williams 510?

Ifor Williams HB510XL Horsebox Trailer

Unladen Weight 1290kg
Gross Weight 3500kg
Axle Type Twin

How much can a 2-horse trailer tow?

A basic 2-horse trailer carrying 2 average horses can easily weigh 5,000 lbs. or more. Throw in hay, tack and passengers, and then consider that you might be hauling up and down hills.

How much does a Cheval Liberte trailer weight?

The trailer is constructed with aluminium floor and sidewalls and runs on the renowned Pullman 2 suspension system. Internal dimensions are 4.90m x 2.07m x 2.30m (LxWxH) with a gross weight of 3500 kg and carrying capacity of 2050 kg.

What is the lightest horse box?

Equistar 3. Equistar 3 is a compact horsebox designed for a prompt transport of two horses and three passengers. It is the lightest version of the Paragan horseboxes, which does not exceed 1210 kg of the payload capacity.

What is the size of a Bateson horse trailer?

Bateson horse trailer A great example of a Bateson horse trailer, travels 2 x 17.2hh. I have carried 2x 16.2hh comfortably with plenty of head room. Good condition on the inside and outside for age (2003) The floor is part alloy, part ply wood.

What is a Bateson twin axle trailer?

This bateson twin axle trailer is in good condition ideal for small plant/mowers it is 8ft long x 5ft also unusual in that 3 ramps not the usual 2 it has new led lights also has a small & spare wheel cash on collection only Model 720 is a lightweight fully galvanised general purpose trailer, for use on or off road.

Do You stock any Bateson trailers Products?

We stock a wide variety of Bateson Trailers products which may not be on our website. For product enquiries please contact your nearest Hamilton Ross Group depot. Register to join Massey’s Born to Farm Digital Event!

What is the best horse trailer for a barn door?

Bateson Deauville Horse Trailer (Barn Door) is a front unload trailer. it has a generous 7’ 3 headroom allowing horses up to 17 hands to be transported. The centrally hinged division is very easy to…