What is the phone number for access Florida?

If you have problems that prevent you from continuing, you may call the Customer Call Center at 850-300-4323 during business hours for assistance.

How do I contact Florida?

If you are not able to apply online, additional options include a toll-free number – 833.493. 0594. In addition, there will be OUR Florida locations throughout the state to assist residents who choose to apply in person.

How do I contact Florida EBT customer service?


How long does it take to get food stamps after the interview Florida?

approximately 30 days
Generally, if your interview was successful and you have been found eligible for food stamps, you will receive your food stamps card (also known as an EBT card, or an Electronic Bank Transfer card) within approximately 30 days after the date of your first application.

How long can DCF keep a case open in Florida?

Parental presence is not required. Florida law mandates that the investigation be completed within 60 days unless the case is also a matter of criminal investigation, or if the child has died or is missing.

When to call DCFS?


  • school personnel
  • educational advocates assigned to a child pursuant to the School Code
  • directors and staff assistants of day care centers and nursery schools
  • child care workers
  • truant officers
  • probation officers
  • law enforcement officers
  • animal control officers
  • What does the Department of children and families do?

    The Department of Children and Families (DCF) works in partnership with families and communities to keep children safe from abuse and neglect. DCF also supports young adults ages 18-22 who are transitioning out of DCF care and into independent living.

    Does child support in FL start when a child is?

    Once the children turn 18, back child support can no longer be collected. There are no statutes of limitations regarding child support payments, which allows the receiving parent, in some situations, to collect unpaid child support long after the children are grown and gone. Child support payments must be spent only on the children.