What is the meaning behind the game Limbo?

Some reviews suggested that the game is a representation of the religious nature of Limbo or purgatory, as the boy character completes the journey only to end at the same place he started, repeating the same journey when the player starts a new game.

What is the ending of the game Limbo?

According to many old tales, the soul can only get out of Limbo until the body is properly buried. The boy continues through Limbo until his sister finds and buries his body. So in the ending scene, she is not digging but she is covering his grave. She senses him and he sees her one last time before going to heaven.

How did the Limbo get its name?

History. The word ‘limbo’ dates back to the 1950s. It is conjectured that limbo is a West Indian English derivative of ‘limber’. Merriam–Webster lists the etymology as “English of Trinidad & Barbados; akin to Jamaican English limba to bend, from English limber”.

Does Limbo have multiple endings?

The only thing you get after the credits is an achievement. And no, there is no hidden ending in Limbo. If you beat the game without dying once you’ll get another secret egg (and is required to get 111% in the game, but there’s no achievement for that), but otherwise there’s no secret ending.

How many puzzles are there in Limbo?

Limbo contains 24 Chapters throughout the game.

What is Limbo in the game Limbo?

Limbo, the word in the title, does not refer only to the physical world the game takes place in. It refers to the metaphorical state that the boy’s development takes him through. He is growing past being a child and is not yet a man, and he must hold onto his sister, and therefore himself,…

Is there a special edition of limbo for PC?

Playdead began selling a “Special Edition” physical copy of Limbo for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, which included art cards, the game’s soundtrack, and anaglyph stereoscopic glasses that work with a special version of the game to simulate three dimensions.

Is Limbo headed to the PSN?

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What awards has Limbo won?

Before its release, Limbo was awarded both the “Technical Excellence” and “Excellence in Visual Art” titles at the Independent Games Festival during the 2010 Game Developers Conference.