What is OPC line?

Opel Performance Center (OPC) is a division of the German automobile manufacturer Opel, initially set up as a subsidiary in 1997. The main focus of OPC is the development of performance derivatives of the Opel range, such as the hot hatch Corsa OPC and Astra OPC.

Is the Opel Insignia OPC?

Opel dropped the OPC designation for its performance Insignia, instead reverting to their older GSi nameplate, last seen on the third generation Opel Vectra. The GSi nameplate also replaces VXR, on the version of Vauxhall of the Insignia.

Is Opel Insignia 2012 a good car?

The Insignia ticks the boxes for mid-sized buyers. It drives better than most cars in the class, looks good and has an upmarket interior feel.

Is OPC UA real-time?

The PubSub version deals with one-to-many communications (one publisher to any number of subscribers) and can be implemented with time-sensitive networking, allowing OPC UA to provide hard real-time communication — with cycle times, latency, and jitter specifications that rival deterministic Industrial Ethernet …