What age are the Christmas lectures aimed at?

11–17 years old
While the Lectures are aimed at children aged 11–17 years old, some content, or the way it is com- municated, might lead to the perception that the Lectures are not appropriate for older audiences.

Who started the Christmas lectures?

Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday initiated the Christmas Lecture series in 1825, at a time when organised education for young people was scarce. Faraday presented nineteen series of lectures in all.

Are the Royal Institution Christmas lectures live?

Filming of the 2019 Lectures will be live streamed from the Royal Institution’s iconic theatre on 12, 14 and 17 December, and broadcast on BBC Four between Christmas and New Year.

Who runs the British royal institution?

The Royal Institution of Great Britain is a registered and independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees (Charity no. 227938).

Who owns the Royal Institution?

Discover the people and governance that underpins our work connecting people with science. The Royal Institution of Great Britain is a registered and independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees (Charity no. 227938). We were granted a Royal Charter on 13 January 1800.

Where are the Royal Institution Christmas lectures held?

The Christmas Lectures have been held at the Ri in London since 1825 and broadcasted since 1936. They are a Christmas tradition in the UK.

Who is the firm?

Sometimes referred to as “the Firm,” the monarchy works like a public body or government department, albeit one that is completely independent. At its head is the Queen, and below her comes a strict hierarchy based on the line of succession.

Who are the firm royal family?

An unofficial nickname that dates back to the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, The Firm is an informal title for the British royal family and its associated institutions, including the courtiers, staff and working royals that keep the business of the monarchy functioning.

Who is Carl Sagan’s wife?

In 1981, Sagan married author Ann Druyan and they later had two children, Alexandra (known as Sasha) and Samuel Sagan. Carl Sagan and Druyan remained married until his death in 1996.

What did Carl Sagan do on Mars?

Professor Sagan had been a founding member of the museum’s advisory board. The landing site of the unmanned Mars Pathfinder spacecraft was renamed the Carl Sagan Memorial Station on July 5, 1997. Asteroid 2709 Sagan is named in his honor, as is the Carl Sagan Institute for the search of habitable planets.

What books did Carl Sagan write?

He wrote many popular science books, such as The Dragons of Eden, Cosmos, Broca’s Brain, Pale Blue Dot and narrated and co-wrote the award-winning 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The most widely watched series in the history of American public television, Cosmos, has been seen by at least 500 million people in 60 countries.

What did Carl Sagan say about the UFO’s?

With physicist Thornton Page, Sagan edited the lectures and discussions given at the symposium; these were published in 1972 as UFO’s: A Scientific Debate. Some of Sagan’s many books examine UFOs (as did one episode of Cosmos) and he claimed a religious undercurrent to the phenomenon.