What is hybrid box in Hathway?

Alongside, the Hathway Ultra Smart Hub – a cable hybrid box – was also announced, and it essentially combines linear TV with Google Play services in HDR quality. The Hathway Ultra Smart Hub brings easy navigation and allows linear TV users to download apps from Google Play.

How do I add channels to Hathway cable?

How Can You Change Cable Packages Online?

  1. Step 1 – You can choose any 1 from the 3 options that are listed on the Hathway website.
  2. Step 2 – Customize the package you chose with additional HD pack or Add-Ons that you might want to include.

How do I change channels on Hathway cable?

Where can I get Hathway cable TV services in India?

Currently, the cable TV services by Hathway are available in all the major cities in India and many towns including: 4. Where can I find the Customer Support details for Hathway cable TV services?

What is the price of Hathway HD set-top box?

Also, the HD set-top box of Hathway comes in two variants- HD and HD PVR. Before you decide to go for Hathway’s HD subscription, do have a look at its mind-blowing features. The price of Hathway HD is Rs. 2050 and that of Hathway HD PVR is Rs. 7999.

Why choose Hathway Broadband?

Watch events and TV shows anytime, we give you control in ways not seen with other cable TV providers. Your cable TV options are almost endless with us whole new you with Hathway Broadband.

Which DTH provider has the greatest number of HD channels in India?

Hathway started providing its HD set-top box service in mid-2011 with just 8 HD channels. Gradually, it expanded its business and is currently the service provider with the greatest number of HD channels in India. All the TV channels have extraordinary clarity compared to the channels of other HD DTH service providers.