What is a Microtainer tube?

Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes facilitate collection of a high-quality capillary blood sample. They include a Microgard™ closure with an integrated collector that ensures thorough mixing between blood and additive. Tubes are color-coded to indicate additive.

How many mL is a Microtainer?

Specimen Collection Microtainer tubes (pediatric bullet tubes)*

Microtainer® tube
Color Gold Light Green (amber or clear)
Additive No additive with gel barrier Lithium Heparin with gel barrier
Volume 0.5 mL 0.5 mL

What is a EDTA tube?

It’s a tube coated with spray-dried K2EDTA on its inner wall. EDTA acts as an anticoagulant, binding the calcium ions and interrupting the clotting of the blood sample. EDTA is used for most hematology procedures, assessing complete blood count, preparing EDTA plasma, whole blood collection and bone marrow specimens.

How do you fill a Microtainer?

Keep the finger in a downward position and gently massage it to maintain blood flow. Hold the Microtainer® at an angle of 30 degrees below the collection site and use the scoop on the Microtainer® to fill it to the 250-500 µL level. Scrub the patient’s middle finger or ring finger with an alcohol swab. Dry with gauze.

What is the correct order of draw for Microcollection tubes?

The order of draw is based on CLSI Procedures and Devices for the Collection of Capillary Blood Specimens; Approved Standard – Sixth Edition, September 2008. This standard recommends that EDTA tubes be drawn first to ensure good quality specimen, followed by other additive tubes and finally, serum specimen tubes.

What is the order of draw?

The “Order of Draw” is designed to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination that may result in erroneous results. It is based on CLSI Procedures for Collection of Diagnostic Blood Specimens by Venipuncture; Approved Standard Sixth Edition, October 2007.

How much blood does a Microtainer hold?

Minimum Blood Collection Requirements for Selected Tests

Type and Crossmatch Lavender cap (neonates only) 0.5 microtainer 2.0 standard tube
Valproic Acid Light green cap with gel or Gold cap with gel 0.6
Vancomycin Light green cap with gel or Gold cap with gel 0.6

How much blood is in a Microtainer?

Light-blue Microtainer® tube must contain 0.9 mL of blood (to black marker line just above the label on the tube). BD Microtainer® Tubes are used to collect, transport and store skin puncture blood specimens for hematology tests, or for tests utilizing serum or heparinized plasma.

Which tube is used for serum?

Serum is usually collected in mottled red/gray, gold, or cherry red-top tubes, and red-top tubes are occasionally used.

How does serum separator tube work?

They contain a special gel that separates blood cells from serum, as well as particles to cause blood to clot quickly. The blood sample can then be centrifuged, allowing the clear serum to be removed for testing.

How do you get a drop of blood without pain?

Warm your fingers by washing with warm, soapy water, then rinse and dry completely. Let your arm hang down at your side to increase blood flow to the fingertips. Grasp finger just below the joint closest to the fingertip and massage gently toward tip of finger, then squeeze for 3 seconds.