What is a BR Lexile level?

BR: Beginning Reader Beginning Reader (BR) is a code given to readers and text that are below 0L on the Lexile scale. In some cases, for readers, a BR code is followed by a number and L (e.g., BR150L). A Lexile reader measure of BR150L indicates that the Lexile measure of the reader is 150 units below 0L.

What does a Lexile score of 1700 mean?

What is the Lexile Scale? Lexiles typically range from 200 for beginning readers to 1700 for advanced readers. Lexile text below 200 represents beginning-reading material, and a student’s Lexile score may have a number in the 100s or the code of BR.

Where can I watch the Big Bang theory on TV?

Currently you are able to watch “The Big Bang Theory” streaming on Sling TV, DIRECTV, HBO Max, Spectrum On Demand, TBS or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store.

What happened to Penny on’the Big Bang theory’?

1. The Skank Reflex Analysis On the fifth season premiere, Penny worries that she’s screwed things up permanently with her friends after her night with Raj, while Sheldon takes command of the paintball team. 2. The Infestation Hypothesis

What happened to Raj on’the Big Bang theory’?

When Raj has to find a new job or be sent back to India, Sheldon’s solution leaves Leonard and Penny dealing with Howard as the third wheel. It’s Columbus Day and Thanksgiving is approaching, but Raj in particular is not in a thankful mood.

What happened to Howard and Bernadette on’the Big Bang theory’?

When NASA reschedules Howard’s mission and puts his wedding plans in jeopardy, he’s forced to face his fears and Bernadette’s dad (guest star CASEY SANDER). 24. The Countdown Reflection When Howard and Bernadette decide they want to be married before his NASA space launch, the gang rushes to put on a wedding, on the fifth season finale.