What does curse do in ff13?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Stagger effect Cursed reduces Keep by 25. Fang uses Curse Hunter on enemies afflicted with Curse dealing increased damage.

What is ATB advantage ff13?

Description Charges a single ATB gauge segment prior to battle.

What is the synergist role?

Synergists are chemicals that make insecticide ingredients more effective at killing pests. They generally are low in toxicity for humans. While synergists have very little impact on insects on their own, they are included on pesticide product labels under the heading ‘active ingredients.

What is dispel FFX?

Dispel in Final Fantasy X. Dispel is a White Magic spell found in Yuna’s section of the Sphere Grid. It costs 12 MP to use and in addition to removing all positive status effects (except Auto-Life), it will also remove Curse and all four Breaks.

Where is Dragoon Lance ff13?

The Dragoon Lance is one of Kain’s unlockable weapons. It can be obtained either by random chance when redeeming a Treasure token, or by purchasing them from the Shop for 7,200 Gil. Like all other characters’ weapons, having it equipped carries no advantages or disadvantages.

What is synergist and antagonist?

Following contraction, the antagonist muscle paired to the agonist muscle returns the limb to the previous position. Synergist muscles act around a movable joint to produce motion similar to or in concert with agonist muscles, allowing for a range of possible movements.

What is a synergist and fixator?

The muscle primarily responsible for a movement is called the prime mover, and muscles that assist in this action are called synergists. A synergist that makes the insertion site more stable is called a fixator. Meanwhile, a muscle with the opposite action of the prime mover is called an antagonist.

What are the Eidolons in Final Fantasy XIII?

Eidolons (召喚獣, Shōkanjū?, lit. Summon Beasts) are the summons in Final Fantasy XIII that also appear in one form or another in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. They are creatures created by the goddess Etro to serve as her emissaries in the visible world.

Are the Eidolons mechanical beings?

The Eidolons’ nature as mechanical beings confers with the similar beings of fal’Cie, as well as the gods of Final Fantasy XIII universe, of which at least Pulse and Bhunivelze are shown to be mechanical in appearance as well.

What is the highest rank an eidolon can be summoned?

The Eidolon’s rank determines its stats when summoned to battle. The rank is the sum of the character’s Crystarium level and the number of level 5 roles. Thus the maximum rank is 16 (Crystarium level 10 + all roles at level 5).

What is an eidolith in Valhalla?

Eidolons are beasts that dwell in Valhalla. L’Cie chosen by Etro are pitted against Eidolons in a trial by combat. Those who emerge triumphant receive a crystal called ‘eidolith,’ which they may use to summon the beast to fight at their side. The weak must obey the strong. This is the inviolable law of Valhalla.