Can you put hair up with extensions?

Yes! You can wear your hair up or down, exercise, and do most other things you would normally do without damaging the hair extensions. When applied correctly you can also style your weft, tape and micro bead hair extensions into a pony without any of the extension application showing!

Can I wear extensions with thick hair?

If you have thick hair, you will want to purchase heavier extensions that will blend with your hair texture.

Can your hair be too thin for extensions?

Braided Weft hair extensions are sewn into your natural hair which is braided to cover your whole head and the wefts of hair are sewn in to the braided rows. Those with thin hair usually do not have enough hair to make the small braid to hold the hair extension.

Why are my extensions not blending?

Clip the wefts higher on your head. By clipping the wefts in higher on your head or spreading them apart more it can help create a seamless blend. Wash your extensions. Washing your hair extensions can actually make them appear thicker, as they expand a little after washing.

How to put in hair extensions by yourself?

Hair extensions instantly add length.

  • Extensions add volume to hair.
  • Hair extensions allow you to add a highlighted look in natural or vibrant colors without damaging your hair with harsh dyes and bleach.
  • Extensions allow you to create more complicated hair styles and updos,making them a must for special occasions.
  • What are the best professional hair extensions?

    What are the best professional hair extensions? When it comes to the texture and type of hair extensions, most brands offer either human or synthetic hair. The best human hair extension brand are Remy, whose virgin extensions are made from 100% human hair that has not been dyed or altered.

    How to make hair extensions?

    “Hair tinsel extensions are different in terms of application with the hairstylist before starting the process and make sure it’s put in on the sections of hair that are the most visible.

    How to style your hair with hair extensions?

    Give yourself some time to get used to them.

  • Get the proper haircut that allows your natural hair to blend with the hair extensions
  • Always do your hair and don’t let it simply dry after washing.
  • Be careful when you blow out your hair and don’t put too much tension on it as you would usually do without the extensions.