Why is it Dumbarton but Dunbartonshire?

When Dumbarton District Council (1974 – 1996) came to an end, and the new local authority areas were set up, it was decided to revert to the ‘Dunbarton’ spelling – West Dunbartonshire Council. The town itself, however, remains ‘Dumbarton’.

What does West Dunbartonshire Council do?

Services delivered include: Education and Social Work. Environmental Health and Planning. Roads Maintenance and Street Lighting.

How do I contact West Dunbartonshire Council?

Council Front Facing Offices are currently closed Our front facing offices are now closed and support is being offered through our website and contact centre on 01389 737000.

Who runs West Dunbartonshire Council?

2017 West Dunbartonshire Council election

Leader Jonathan McColl Martin Rooney
Party SNP Labour
Leader’s seat Lomond Lomond
Last election 6 seats, 30.3% 12 seats, 46.6%
Seats before 7 12

Is Helensburgh West Dunbartonshire?

Until local government reorganisation in 1996, Helensburgh was in Dumbarton District and Strathclyde Region; prior to 1975 it was a small burgh with its own town council within Dunbartonshire….Helensburgh.

Helensburgh Scottish Gaelic: Baile Eilidh (Millig) Scots: Eelansburgh
Scottish Parliament Dumbarton

When was West Dunbartonshire formed?

1 April 1996
The Council was formed on 1 April 1996 from part of the former Strathclyde Region – namely the entire district of Clydebank and the Dumbarton district less the Helensburgh area.

What area does West Dunbartonshire cover?

61.3 mi²West Dunbartonshire Council / Area

What local authority is Clydebank?

West Dunbartonshire Council
Homepage | West Dunbartonshire Council.

How do I make a complaint to West Dunbartonshire Council?

If you feel that the time limit should not apply to your complaint, please tell us why.

  1. Online complaints form: www.west-dunbarton.gov.uk.
  2. By email: [email protected].
  3. By phone: 01389 738273.
  4. Citizen Relations. West Dunbartonshire Council.
  5. 6 – 14 Bridge Street. Dumbarton G82 1NT.

Which local authority is Clydebank in?

Where are the boundaries of West Dunbartonshire?

West Dunbartonshire Council is located west of Glasgow and also borders Argyll & Bute, East Dunbartonshire and Stirlingshire Councils.

How many Councillors are in West Dunbartonshire?

West Dunbartonshire Council currently has 22 elected members. Here you can find details of the Councillors who represent you and the business of Council committees.