Who wrote Blue is the Colour?

Daniel BooneBlue Is the Colour / ComposerDaniel Boone is an English pop musician who became a one-hit wonder in the United States with the single “Beautiful Sunday” in 1972. The song was written by Boone and Rod McQueen and sold over 2,000,000 copies worldwide. Wikipedia

What song plays when Chelsea walk out of tunnel?

“Liquidator” is a popular tune to play as UK football teams run out: Chelsea, Wycombe Wanderers, Northampton Town, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Bromwich Albion, and St Johnstone all have claims to have been the first club to use it.

What is the music played at Stamford Bridge?

The Liquidator
The Liquidator The reggae song, recorded by the Harry J. Allstars in 1969, has been played before Chelsea matches for decades now. It is accompanied by clapping and a loud chant of “Chelsea” by everyone in the stadium.

Is Chelsea a liquidator song?

One thing is certain the theme to those victories was undoubtedly ‘The Liquidator’, with its Hammond organ crescendos that lead to the chant of ‘CHEL-SEA! ‘.” It became an official Chelsea song as early as 1970, when the club gave away copies of the song in their matchday programme as prizes to lucky supporters.

What is Chelsea blue called?

The blue RGB color code for Chelsea can be found below. The red RGB colour code for Chelsea can be found below….Chelsea Color Codes RGB.

RGB Color Names for Chelsea RGB Color Code for Chelsea
Blue (3, 70, 148)
Red (238, 36, 44)
Gold (219, 161, 17)
Light Blue (106, 122, 181)

Why do Chelsea play in blue?

In the 1960s Chelsea manager Tommy Docherty changed the kit again, switching to blue shorts (which have remained ever since) and white socks, believing it made the club’s colours more modern and distinctive, since no other major side used that combination; this kit was first worn during the 1964–65 season.

Why is The Liquidator banned?

The Liquidator has been banned at The Hawthorns on several occasions because a core of fans used the tune to chant foul-mouthed abuse towards Black Country rivals Wolves – but as a Baggies classic, it has always been brought back.

Why do they play Liquidator at Chelsea?

“Way back in 1969, supporters of the Chelsea football team revered players such as Bonetti, Osgood and Hollins. The boys performed under the watchful eye of manager Dave Sexton to the tune of Harry J & All Stars chartbuster, ‘The Liquidator’.

What are Chelsea’s official colours?

BlueRoyal blue
Chelsea F.C./Colors
Chelsea’s home kit colours are royal blue shirts and shorts with white socks. The club’s crest features a ceremonial lion rampant regardant holding a staff. The club has rivalries with neighbouring teams Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, and a historic rivalry with Leeds United.