What is Side Scan Sonar for fishing?

Humminbird Side Imaging sonar uses a razor-thin beam to take a “sonar snapshot” of the area up to 400 ft. to the left and right of your location. The return image for this slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredibly detailed view of the lake bottom.

How important is side imaging on a fish finder?

A side imaging fish finder allows you to scan the water horizontally on each side of you. This helps you quickly scan the water because you’re capable of looking in two places at once.

How does a side scan sonar work?

How does it work? As the ship moves along its path, the transducer array sends out signals on both of its sides, sweeping the seafloor like the fan-shaped beam of a flashlight. Side scans search at constant speeds and in straight lines, allowing the ship to map the ocean bottom as it travels.

How shallow will Side Imaging work?

Yes. In as little as two feet of water the Side Imaging units will show great detail of objects 50-75 feet away from the boat.

How important is Side Imaging on a fish finder?

What does side-scanning sonar reveal?

On the left side of the screen, side-scanning sonar reveals a large school of striped bass in the shallow water off the right side of the boat. There are two components to the Lowrance LSS system, sidescan and downscan.

How far does the sonar scan from the boat?

On a side scan sonar view, your boat would be on the very top middle of the screen. The distance the sonar scans from side to side depends on depth. Side scan sonar. As you increase the range on your side scan sonar, the size of the fish on your screen will get smaller and smaller.

What are the different types of sonar used in fishing?

There are two general variations of sonar in the fishing world: down scan and side scan. Down scan sonar is most likely the one most people think of when they think of fishing with sonar. It shows you marks, or fish, as your boat passes over them.

Can scanning sonar technology help you catch more fish?

Learn how you can take advantage of scanning sonar technology to catch more fish. Fishermen, as a rule, are gadget freaks. Every winter at the fishing and boating shows, we carefully study and inspect the newest rods, reels, lures and boating accessories.