What is Nan Madol known for?

Nan Madol became the most important political and religious center on the island. The social system at Nan Madol is the earliest known example of such centralized political power in the western Pacific.

How was Nan Madol created?

Consisting of a series of artificial islets (small islands) linked by a network of canals, Nan Madol is often called the “Venice of the Pacific.” The islets were constructed by placing large rocks and fill atop submerged coral reefs to form raised platforms, which supported elaborate residential and ceremonial …

Is Nan Madol a wonder of the world?

‘Venice of the Pacific’ and ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ Nan Madol has been dubbed by some as the “eighth wonder of the world” and others as the “Venice of the Pacific”. The reference to Venice comes from the canals that connect 92 man-made islets spread over 200 acres built with basalt and coral boulders.

What is Nan Madol built?

coral reef
Our destination is Nan Madol, near the southern side of the island, the only ancient city ever built atop of a coral reef. Its imposing yet graceful ruins are made of stones and columns so heavy that no one has figured out how it was built.

Do people live on Nan Madol?

Its population almost certainly did not exceed 1,000, and may have been less than half that. Although many of the residents were chiefs, the majority were commoners.

What is Pohnpei Micronesia?

Pohnpei, formerly Ponape, high coral-capped volcanic island, eastern Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, western Pacific Ocean. Pohnpei: airport runway and seaport. International airport runway and seaport, Pohnpei, Micronesia.

Is Micronesia a US territory?

Today, most of Micronesia are independent states, except for the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and Wake Island, which are U.S. territories.

Why is Micronesia important?

Micronesia’s location made it a prized site for military bases and nuclear tests, particularly for the United States. Thermonuclear bomb, code-named Mike, detonated in the Marshall Islands in November 1952.

Is Nan Madol a World Heritage Site?

Located in the state of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, the Nan Madol Ruins have been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are located to the south east of Pohnpei, on the island of Temwen.

When was Nan Madol created?

Carbon dating indicates that megalithic construction at Nan Madol began around AD 1180 when large basalt stones were taken from a volcanic plug on the opposite side of Pohnpei. The earliest settlement on Pohnpei was probably around AD 1 although radiocarbon dating shows human activity starting around AD 80–200.

What is the significance of Nan Madol?

Nan Madol was the ceremonial and political seat of the Saudeleur Dynasty, which united Pohnpei’s estimated population of 25,000 people until about 1628. Set apart between the main island of Pohnpei and Temwen Island, it was a scene of human activity as early as the first or second century AD.

Where is Nan Madol in the book Nameless?

Nan Madol and its history have been used as the basis of the novel Deep Fathom (2001) written by James Rollins. In the comic Nameless by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, the city of Nan Madol is the location of the mythical Dream Key of Nan Samwohl.

When did Endura’s Nan Ma Dol come out?

Nan Ma Dol is a song recorded by Endura and released on their Liber Leviathan album (1996). ^ The Saudeleur era lasted around 500 years. Legend generally dates their downfall to the 1500s, however archaeologists date Saudeleur ruins to ca. 1628. ^ “National Register Information System”.

What is the difference between Nan Madol and Moai?

Nan Madol was built by a magic known as Mana-man, while the Moai were said to have been levitated by a force known as Mana (the source of which was the Pleiades). Gunung Padang is likewise said to have been built paranormally in just one night.