Is Christmas pudding a UK thing?

Traditional British Christmas Pudding (or Plum Pudding, a Fruit and Brandy Filled, Steamed Dessert) Traditional British Christmas pudding is a make-ahead, steamed, fruit filled dessert, also known as plum pudding, which is set alight when served. It is beautiful culmination of many British Christmas dinners.

What was traditionally put into the Christmas pudding in the UK to bring good luck?

A silver sixpence was placed into the pudding mix and every member of the household gave the mix a stir. Whoever found the sixpence in their own piece of the pudding on Christmas Day would see it as a sign that they would enjoy wealth and good luck in the year to come.

Is figgy pudding from England?

Figgy pudding (or plum, which was the name for any kind of dried fruit back in the day) originated in 14th-century Britain as a way to preserve food. A soup-like dish, it was served as a fasting meal in preparation for the Christmas season. Beef and mutton were mixed with raisins and prunes, wines and spices.

Is figgy pudding the same as Christmas pudding?

With respect to the different names, the short answer is that figgy pudding can be considered a much earlier precursor of plum pudding and they’ve both come to be referred to as Christmas pudding. Figgy pudding dates back to the 14th century and was a much different dish than what we refer to as figgy pudding today.

Why do they call it plum pudding?

This goes back to the Victorian practice of substituting dried plums with other dried fruits, such as raisins. Dried plums or prunes were so popular that any goods which contained dried fruits were referred to ‘plum cakes’ or ‘plum puddings’.

Why is it called a plum pudding?

What does pudding mean in England?

In the United Kingdom and some of the Commonwealth countries, the word pudding can be used to describe both sweet and savory dishes. Unless qualified, however, the term in everyday usage typically denotes a dessert; in the United Kingdom, pudding is used as a synonym for a dessert course.

Why is Christmas pudding called figgy pudding?

Figee was in fact a dish of fish and curds, which was named figé in Old French, meaning “curdled” (the past participle of the Old French figer). But it too came to mean a “figgy” dish, involving cooked figs, boiled in wine or otherwise.