Does Albion one have legato?

Albion ONE features Spitfire Audio’s signature legato articulations, combining adjoining samples to give ultimate musicality, and runs, where a signal note triggers the recording of a section playing phrases.

Does Albion One need Kontakt?

These sets of sounds need a program that enables them to be played back and can be loaded as a plug-in in your DAW (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.). That plug-in is Kontakt. Albion ONE is available in a free “lite” version of Kontakt called “Kontakt Player”.

What is Albion Neo?

Albion NEO is a modern composer’s dream — intimate, expressive sounds and textures, from organic, to hybrid, to electronic — instantly playable and malleable in our interactive, award-winning interfaces, specifically designed to spark new ideas, or bring your existing ideas to life.

Does Spitfire use Kontakt?

We provide a VST2, VST3, AAX and an AU, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plugin formats, you’re good to go. Our plugin is independent and does not require you to have Kontakt to use it.

What is neo orchestra?

At its core is the NEO Orchestra, made up of super intimate, detailed chamber orchestra performances, with two divisi strings sections and a specially orchestrated chorus of woodwinds and brass.

What is the best Spitfire Audio library?

The Best Instruments from Spitfire Audio

  • Fragile String Evolutions.
  • Oliver Patrice Weder – OPW.
  • Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions.
  • Contemporary Drama Toolkit.
  • Symphonic Organ.
  • Hans Zimmer Percussion.
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra CORE.
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover. ( Spitfire Audio Dedicated Plugin ) Normally Sells for €49.

How does Spitfire Audio make money?

Right from our very first sample library, we have always believed in paying musicians not just for their time, but also royalties on their recordings. So whenever you invest in a Spitfire Audio library, every musician who played on that library receives a royalty payment.

What are Spitfire originals?

Originals is a series of instant writing tools, expertly recorded in the Spitfire way at various high-end studios (including AIR Studios, home of blockbuster scores) simplified and presented in our easy-to-use plug-in.

What is Spitfire Audio?

Like the aforementioned Zimmer, the two writers felt compelled to create orchestral sample libraries for their own use, and in 2008 set up Spitfire Audio for that purpose.

What makes Spitfire so special?

Drawing on the experience gained in creating their bespoke libraries, Spitfire booked top players from the English Session Orchestra and hired sound engineer Jake Jackson for the sampling sessions, which all took place in the spacious Air Lyndhurst hall. Orchestrator Ben Foskett was employed to score the parts.

What is Albion one?

Albion ONE is a sample library built to work seamlessly with Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player. It’s also NKS-ready – pre-mapped and ready to play, with light guides for visual key switches, splits and mapping feedback, and hardware library browsing.

What percussion instruments are included in the Spitfire collection?

Metal clangs and unidentified drum hits are also included, but standard items such as timpani, orchestral snares, piatti crash cymbals and the like are not — Spitfire have already covered those in their percussion library.