Why did they shoot Matt Death Note?

Mello later sees the news of his death broadcast on TV, and apologizes for having gotten Matt killed. Later in the manga, a TV broadcast reports that his identity is unknown, and that the bodyguards were forced to shoot because he was showing a dangerous and aggressive behaviour, even though he surrendered peacefully.

What is Matt’s real name Death Note?

Matt’s true name, Mail, is pronounced as “Mile”, not the English word “Mail.” Matt appears briefly in the Death Note One-Shot Special during Near’s flashback. He is seen at Wammy’s House listening to L talk to the children.

How old is Matt from Death Note?


Name: Matt マット (Matto).
Date Of Birth: February 1st, 1990 (1993 in the Anime).
Date Of Death: January 26th, 2010 (2013 in the Anime).
Age: 19 Years Old.
Height: 163 cm (5’6).

Did Matt save Mello?

Matt saved Mello from the rubble after Mello blew up his own base. Matt doesn’t appear until after Mello is on his own again and someone must have gotten Mello medical attention.

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