Is Krack based on true story?

His third collaboration with Ravi Teja, Krack tells the story of a real-life police officer from Ongole town in Andhra Pradesh. Gopichand says the characters were inspired by real people he happened to hear from his village elders during his students days, in his hometown.

Is Balupu movie a hit?

Released on 28 June 2013, the film was successful at the box office.

Who is the director of Balupu?

Gopichand MalineniBalupu / DirectorGopichand Malineni is an Indian film director and screenwriter who works in Telugu cinema. After working as an assistant director in many films, Malineni made his directional debut in 2010 with the action comedy film Don Seenu. He went onto direct films such as Bodyguard, Balupu, Pandaga Chesko, Winner and Krack. Wikipedia

Is Krack movie remake of Sethupathi?

The latest we hear is that Krack is heavily inspired from Tamil hero Vijay Sethupathi’s cop drama, ‘Sethupathi’ which released back in 2016. The plotline of Krack is very similar to that of Sethupathi and minor changes were made to the set-up in order to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audience.

Is Krack a hit or flop?

Krack was released theatrically on 9 January 2021, and opened to positive reviews from the critics who appreciated the performances and writing. The film was commercially successful, grossing over ₹70 crore at the box office.

Is Krack movie a remake?

“Krack is not a remake of any film. It’s an original script and audiences will get to see Ravi Teja in a very different avatar from what they’ve seen so far.

Who is the director of Don Seenu?

Gopichand MalineniDon Seenu / Director

Is Krack copied?

Recently, reports claimed that Krack is a remake of the Tamil film Theri, which featured Vijay as a cop. However, Gopichand Malineni later clarified that this is not true. “Krack is not a remake of any film.

Is Bengal Tiger hit or flop?

His debut film was Karthavyam. His first film was released in the year 1990….Ravi Teja All Hit And Flop Movies List.

Movie Bengal Tiger
Business 40.50 Cr
Verdict Super-Hit
Year 2015

Is Krack Telugu movie remake?