How can I tell if my Maxxis tires are real?

…if they are yellow logo aftermarket tires, nabbed the mesh logo bag. If they have a white maxxis logo, then they are OE and have no packaging.

What tube is CST?

26″ Standard Bike Tube – CST Tires USA.

Which is better CST or Kenda?

The Kenda Cortez is just a bigger tire with more volume. They seem to float over the rocks and roots and inspire confidence, the CST tires on the other hand ride a lot rougher and I stopped about a half mile in to check if my fork was locked out.

Who is the owner of Maxxis TYRE?

Cheng Shin
Maxxis Tyres and CST tires are a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheng Shin.

Where are CST wheels made?

Xiamen, China
With facilities in Xiamen, China,CST’s operations boast world-class manufacturing equipment, innovative technology and a strong emphasison quality, delivery and customer satisfaction. CST adheres to the most stringent international standards.

How long do Maxxis MTB tires last?

Generally speaking, many tires used in non-extreme conditions can expect around 2,000 miles. If you ride a couple times a week, that’s an average tire life expectancy of around 1.5 years. Mountain bike tires will typically last for 3,000 to 8,000 miles.

What are Maxxis MTB rubber compounds?

Maxxis MTB Rubber Compounds – 3C Triple, 3C Maxxspeed, 3C Maxxterra and 3C Maxxgrip. One compound throughout the tread optimized for longevity and performance. Two compounds used within the tread of select tires to offer lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip. A special low rebound, high traction compound used in mountain tires.

What is Maxxis MTB flat tire technology?

Maxxis MTB Tire Technologies like Wide Trail, TR (Tubeless Ready), Casing Options and TPI Counts Maxxis MTB Flat Tire Protection Construction like Silkshield, Double Down and EXO Maxxis MTB Rubber Compounds – 3C Triple, 3C Maxxspeed, 3C Maxxterra and 3C Maxxgrip

What are the different categories of Maxxis Tires?

We have divided the tires into three categories: XC, Trail, and Enduro/Downhill. Even though we may have classed a tire in one category, there is a fair bit of overlap in the Maxxis range, so the categories are a bit more like loose recommendations.

Are Maxxis minion tires any good?

The Maxxis Minion DHF is a classic trail, enduro and downhill tire with more wins than probably any tire on the market. The DHF is great as it rolls decently fast, yet has grip for days. The Maxxis Dissector is a newer tire from Maxxis designed with help from Troy Brosnan.