Why is Jang NaRa not married?

She added, “As I’m in my late 30s, so many people ask me why I’m not getting married. I just want to say though, I don’t want to get married simply because I’m old, and have reached that age.” Meanwhile, ‘Oh My Baby’ is set to go on air at 10:50PM KST tonight.

Is Jang NaRa a good actress?

Even with a glance at her 10-year filmography, you can tell the path Jang Na Ra has taken as the top actress (Girl, Patzzi, Beauty, etc.). However, despite most of her successful work, she received criticism in her early career for always sticking to kind and obedient roles.

Is Jang NaRa still famous?

With her delicate doll-like features and porcelain skin, it is difficult to believe the actress just turned 40. The actress is immensely popular not only in Korea but also in China and has starred in quite a few movies and series in both countries, besides of course her musical career.

Is Jang NaRa an idol?

– She graduated from college 10 years later on February 19, 2010. – It took so long to graduate because she was also an idol at the time. graduation rites. – She has an older brother named Jang Seongwan, who is a Film Editor.

What is Jang Na-ra syndrome?

Jang said on SBS’ “Healing Camp,” which aired on Monday night, that she has suffered from panic disorders, bulimia and acrophobia since debuting in 2001, decrying her trademark smiley face and joviality. Her popularity did not exempt her from the immense pressure that a celebrity had to undergo, she added.

Is Kwon NaRa pure Korean?

Kwon Na-ra (Korean: 권나라) (changed her name legally to Kwon Ah-yoon (Korean: 권아윤), known by her stage name Nara, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as one of the original members of the South Korean girl group Hello Venus….

Kwon Nara
Labels Fantagio
Associated acts Hello Venus
Korean name
Hangul 권아윤

How tall is Jang NaRa?

5′ 4″Jang Na-ra / Height

Is Kwon Nara Bulgasal?

“Bulgasal” is a fantasy drama starring Lee Jin Wook as Dan Hwal, a bulgasal (a mythical creature that does not die or age) who was once human centuries ago. Kwon Nara stars as Min Sang Woon, a woman who is repeatedly reincarnated while fleeing the bulgasal, but remembers all her past lives.

How old is Jang Na-ra?

Jang Na-ra (Hangul: 장나라; born March 18, 1981) is a South Korean musician, record producer and actress active in both the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries since 2001.

Is Jang Nara in Sassy Princess?

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Does Jang Na-ra have an eating disorder?

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Will Jang Nara ever do a movie with her dad again?

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