What is Homerton famous for?

In the 18th century the availability of land, large houses and tolerance to dissenters made Homerton a popular place to found institutions. The educational ones were commonly known as Dissenting Academies.

When was Hackney hospital built?

It was opened on 18th January 1898 by the Chairman of the Infirmary Committee, the Revd Prebendary L.E. Shelford. It could accommodate 228 patients and had cost £33,000 to build. The ceilings of the wards were 12 ft (3.6 metres) high.

How many beds does Homerton hospital have?

500Homerton University Hospital / Number of beds

What was Hackney Union infirmary?

The Hackney Hospital Nearly 250 years ago, in 1750, the Wardens, Overseers and Trustees of the parish of St John, Hackney, ordered that a room be reserved in the workhouse in Homerton High Street which was ‘for the lodging, maintaining and employing of poor persons’, so that sick paupers could be treated separately …

Is Homerton a good place to live?

This formerly rough area is morphing into an affordable, cool place to live. Homerton has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for London.

When did Homerton become part of Cambridge University?

In 1894, the college moved from Homerton High Street, Hackney, London, to Cambridge. Homerton was admitted as an “Approved Society” of the university in 1976, and received its Royal charter in 2010, affirming its status as a full college of the university. The college celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2018.

When did Homerton open?


Homerton University Hospital
Beds 500
Opened 1870, 1986 current site

What are the values of Homerton hospital?

At Homerton we are proud of the workplace culture we have created for our fantastic staff. Our workforce is multicultural and we are committed to providing a personal service to our diverse range of patients. Our staff share our core values of Personal, Respect, Responsibility and Safe.

Is Homerton Hospital part of Barts trust?

Homerton University Hospital is a hospital in Homerton in the London Borough of Hackney. It is managed by Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust….

Homerton University Hospital
Care system National Health Service
Type General
Affiliated university Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

How many employees does Homerton hospital have?

We now employ over 4000 staff, most of whom grew up in Hackney, most of whom live in the neighbourhood, many of whom followed their mothers and fathers into the hospital, a number of whom work alongside more than one family member, some of whom were born here and all of whom believe they belong to something of great …

How do I find workhouse records?

Visit The Workhouse website to access extensive information about workhouses. The ‘records and resources’ section may help you find out which local archives hold workhouse records.

What is the history of Hackney Hospital?

A chest examination at Hackney Hospital in 1943. The hospital has its origins in the Homerton Fever Hospital, which opened at the north of the current site in December 1870. A smallpox hospital, built on adjacent land, opened in February 1871.

When was Homerton Hospital built?

The hospital joined the National Health Service in 1948 as the Eastern Hospital and became increasingly focused on neurological patients before closing down in 1982. Construction of the new Homerton Hospital began in 1982 and was completed in July 1986.

Where is Homerton University Hospital in London?

Homerton University Hospital. Homerton University Hospital is a hospital in Homerton, in the London Borough of Hackney, in East London. It is managed by Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust .

What happened to Homerton High Street in Hackney?

Changes in Homerton High Street included the demolition of Eagle House in the early 1950s and of buildings to the east. (fn. 119) Hackney M. B.’s six-storeyed block of 75 flats called Marian Court (fn. 120) stood west of Ponsford Street by 1960 and the similar Bridge House to the east, opposite Banister House, by 1967.