What does Transformers Prime Soundwave transform into?

Soundwave hacked into the Autobot mainframe and, while Megatron and some other Decepticons kept the Autobots distracted, downloaded intel indicating the location of the Trypticon space station.

What happened to Airachnid Transformers Prime?

Airachnid’s pod survived the destruction of the Autobot base and was recovered by the Decepticon salvage teams that inspected the wreckage of the Autobot base along with the Forge of Solus Prime. The pod was then taken to the Decepticon warship and stored in a vault.

What happened to Soundwave in Transformers Prime?

Soundwave and Laserbeak were ultimately banished to the Shadowzone by the Autobots’ human allies in the final battle aboard the Nemesis.

What is Soundwave TFP?

Soundwave is Megatron’s communications and surveillance chief of the Decepticons. Soundwave is cold and almost completely devoid of emotion. Soundwave can speak, but chooses not to, preferring to communicate through replayed Cybertronians’ voice recordings, including humans he encountered.

Are Megatron and Soundwave friends?

Soundwave is the one Cybertronian that Megatron can truly trust and it is most likely Megatron considers Soundwave as a friend due to the tone he normally addresses him with. It is clearly shown that Megatron has more respect for him than any other of his Decepticons.

Who killed Soundwave?

In a future timeline that branches off from this one, Soundwave ultimately met his end at the hands of Blaster, but even death could not stymie his loyalty to the Decepticon cause, as he was reborn as Soundblaster through the super-science of the planet Master.

Is Airachnid a Decepticon?

Airachnid is a Decepticon from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity family. Long ago, Airachnid was with the Decepticons, where her cruel, cold-sparked, murderous demeanor served her well. After the Great Exodus of Cybertron, however, she decided to go solo.

Who is arcee boyfriend?

Function Valkyrie
Rank 8
Partner Daniel Witwicky, Springer
Motto “Looks are always deceiving.”

How did Soundwave get laserbeak?

When Soundwave escaped the Shadowzone using Decepticon Hunters brought to him by the Activator Mini-Cons Stuntwing, Trickout, and Goldgear, Laserbeak-who had been reformatted into an Activator Mini-Con as well-was deployed to attack Sideswipe when his master discovered the Autobot while he was hiding.

Does Soundwave have a face under his visor?

Soundwave is the only Cybertronian to have a visor for a face. He would use it to ground bridge his enemies to wherever he pleased.

Did Soundwave escape the Shadowzone?

Soundwave ends up trapped in the Shadowzone in the series’ final episode Deadlock by the human children. Trapped in the Shadowzone, Soundwave followed Megatron back to Earth after he was killed by bee, but got stuck on the planet after Megatron departed having been revived by unicron.

Who is the most loyal Decepticon?

5 Decepticons Most Loyal To Megatron (& The 5 Most Treacherous)

  1. 1 Treacherous: Shockwave (Comics)
  2. 2 Loyal: Shockwave (Cartoon)
  3. 3 Treacherous: Astrotrain.
  4. 4 Loyal: Lugnut.
  5. 5 Treacherous: Scourge.
  6. 6 Loyal: Cyclonus.
  7. 7 Treacherous: Thundercracker.
  8. 8 Loyal: Skywarp.