What does it mean to bogart a conversation?

transitive verb. 1 : bully sense 2. 2 : to use or consume without sharing.

What does it mean to Beauregard something?

to bully or force: He just bogarted his way into the elevator! to act or move in a tough or aggressive way: That big guy doesn’t ask–he just bogarts. noun. a person who hogs or monopolizes something. a person who acts in a tough or aggressive way.

What does Boguard mean?

boguard. Slang term for selfishly using a group or public item/commodity.

What is the origin of Bogarting?

drug slang, “to keep a joint in your mouth,” dangling from the lip like Humphrey Bogart’s cigarette in the old movies, instead of passing it on, 1969, first attested in “Easy Rider.” The word also was used 1960s with notions of “get something by intimidation, be a tough guy” (again with reference to the actor and the …

Where did the word Bogarting come from?

Is Bogard a word?

1. in. to monopolize a communal marijuana cigarette; to hold a communal marijuana cigarette so long—Bogart style—that one drools on it.

What causes Bogart Bacall syndrome?

The cause of Bogart–Bacall syndrome is most commonly identified as abuse or overuse of the vocal cords. Individuals who speak or sing outside of their normal range can develop BBS over a long period of misuse.

How did Bacall meet Bogart?

In January 1945, after finishing work on his next picture with Bacall, The Big Sleep, Bogart headed for a two-week visit to Malabar to decompress and plot his next steps. Bacall met him on the farm later that month. Around this time, gossip columnists began reporting on the affair and Bogie finally owned up to it.

What is bogarting?

To hold on to a joint too long without passing it on. Comes from the fact that Humphrey Bogart used to smoke like a train in his movies. So the person holding on to the joint too long is said to be “bogarting” it. Other people may use this word for other purposes nowadays, but this is the traditional slang definition.

What is the origin of the word Bogart?

origin of the verb ‘bogart’ (to monopolise) Humphrey Bogart. photograph: Up in Smoke: Freedom and Responsibility in the Corporatist State. by Theodore Dalrymple. Law and Liberty. MEANING. to bogart something: to selfishly or greedily appropriate or keep something, originally and especially a marijuana cigarette.

What does “don’t Bogart that joint” mean?

“Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me,” was the opening line of a rock song recorded by the Holy Modal Rounders1 in 1968. […] Bogarting a joint refers to the way Bogey2 held a cigarette for long dialogues without smoking it.

Is Bogart a synonym for hog?

As is often the case with slang, the word “Bogart” has become watered down in recent years, and is no longer used solely in discussions of weed. It’s become so ingrained in culture that it’s actually become a legitimate synonym for “hog,” registering with a much wider audience than its initial stoner circles.