How rich is the DeGasperis family?

DeGasperis Family– $1.66 billion.

What does the DeGasperis family own?

Brothers Alfredo (Fred), Angelo and Antonio founded the DeGaspiris family’s group of companies, which includes ConDrain, commercial and retail contractor Metrus and developer Aspen Ridge Homes.

Who owns Con drain?

Jim V De Gasperis
Jim V De Gasperis – President and CEO From the age of nine, Jim has been a fixture at Condrain. Spending Saturdays with his father Fred at jobsites created a strong bond, not just between father and son, but with the company as well.

Who is Silvio DeGasperis?

Silvio DeGasperis is President of TACC Construction Ltd. and TACC Developments. The DeGasperis family, TACC Construction and TACC Developments have donated $55,236.43 to the Ontario PCs, with Silvio personally contributing $23,960.

How much is Rudy Bratty worth?

$1.31 billion
Canada’s Richest People: The Complete Top 100 Ranking (2016)

2016 Rank Name Net Worth (2016)
71 Rudy Bratty $1.31 billion
72 Shane Smith $1.27 billion
73 K. Rai Sahi $1.27 billion
74 Eugene Melnyk $1.25 billion

Who is the richest person in Ontario?

Richest People in Ontario, CA

  • $32 Billion.
  • Galen Weston. $9 Billion.
  • Galen Weston, Jr. $7.6 Billion.
  • Bernard Sherman. $3.6 Billion.
  • Michael Lee-Chin. $1 Billion.
  • Richard Peddie. $1 Billion.
  • James Balsillie. $800 Million.

Who are the richest families in Ontario?

How much are the Degasperis worth?

He was the founder of Condrain, a sewer and watermain contractor based in Concord, Ontario, Canada, and Metrus Development, a development company based in Vaughan, Ontario. In 2012, his net worth was estimated at $1.41 billion.

How many employees does ConDrain have?

Condrain Group of Companies includes a number of vertically-integrated companies throughout the entire construction industry….ConDrain Group Information.

Employees 99 ( View all )
Founded 1954
Address 30 Floral Pkwy, Concord, Ontario L4K 4R1, CA
Phone (905) 669-5400

Who owns TACC developments?

the De Gasperis Family
The TACC Group of companies is based in Vaughan, Ontario and is owned and operated by the De Gasperis Family. It is one of the largest privately owned employers in the construction and land development industry in the GTA, currently employing over 2,500 people.

What does the cortellucci family do?

Mario Cortellucci is a veteran home builder from which he has built an empire through the business of building homes and communities.

Who is the richest Indian in Canada?

Bob Dhillon — Canada. Bob Singh Dhillon is one of the richest Indians in Canada. When he was doing his MBA at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, he was known among his classmates for his stated goal of becoming the world’s first Sikh billionaire.

Who is Jim De Gasperis?

Jim V. De Gasperis is President and Chief Executive Officer of Con-Drain Group, one of the largest infrastructure construction companies in North America, and Managing Partner of Friday Harbour Resort, a master-planned community on Lake Simcoe’s Big Bay Point, 45 minutes from the GTA.

How much does Jim Degasperis make a year?

Jim DeGasperis in his Toronto home. His family’s construction conglomerate employs 4,500 people and grosses in the range of $1 billion a year. SPECIAL REPORT | THE NEW-CANADIAN ESTABLISHMENT | > companies. But everything they did, they did as a family. The DeGasperis empire is private.

How much is the De Gasperis family worth?

The De Gasperis family, through its companies ConDrain, which builds sewers, storm drains and other urban arteries, commercial and retail developer Metrus and developer Aspen Ridge Homes, was estimated to be worth $1.77 billion, making it among the top 100 richest families in Canada in 2018.

Who are Degasperis’s children?

That’s how I put it,” DeGasperis told me. He is inordinately proud of the fact that the family’s third generation—sons Julian and Adam, daughters Stephanie and Amanda—speak fluent Italian, as does his wife, Lina. “I love the culture we come from,” he says.