Who was the lead singer of the Derek Trucks Band?

Mike MattisonThe Derek Trucks Band / Lead singerMike Mattison is an American musician and vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning blues rock/soul group, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, as well as lead vocalist and co-founder of the blues rock trio Scrapomatic. Mattison’s vocal sound has been described as “strong,” with an “expressive blues voice”. Wikipedia

Who wrote Midnight in Harlem Song?

Derek Trucks
Mike Mattison
Midnight in Harlem/Composers

Who plays guitar on midnight in harlem?

And onstage, two of American blues and roots music’s finest practitioners – singer/guitarist Susan Tedeschi and her guitar-legend-in-the-making husband Derek Trucks – bring down the house every night, performing songs like a number that is at least partly the creation of background singer Mike Mattison, “Midnight in …

Who sang Midnight in Harlem?

Tedeschi Trucks BandMidnight in Harlem / ArtistThe Tedeschi Trucks Band is an American blues and blues rock group based in Jacksonville, Florida. Formed in 2010, the band is led by married couple Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. Their debut album, Revelator, won the 2012 Grammy Award for Best Blues Album. The band has released four studio and three live albums. Wikipedia

Who taught dereks guitar?

Allman Brothers Band’s Derek Trucks reflects candidly on what he learned from Gregg Allman. As the nephew of Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks, Derek Trucks entered the Allmans’ world from an early age. By his teen years, he’d already sat in with the band and, at 19, joined the group full-time in 1999.

Who is Alecia Chakour?

Co-produced with her brother and multi-instrumentalist Alex Chakour (Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Brittany Howard), lotusland finds Alecia as the main writer, producer, and singer and marks the artist’s first solo project in more than a decade.

What key is midnight in Harlem in?

Midnight in Harlem is written in the key of A.

When was midnight in Harlem released?

2011Midnight in Harlem / Released

Where do Derek and Susan Trucks live?

Jacksonville, Fla.
When Derek Trucks was 9 years old, he picked up a guitar for the first time. Within a few years, he was playing live with Bob Dylan. “I was probably 11 or 12,” recalls the former guitar prodigy, now 42, speaking on the phone from the Jacksonville, Fla., home he shares with wife and bandmate Susan Tedeschi.