Who was the first Meijin Kawaguchi?

character Tatsuya Yuuki
Gundam Build Fighters character Tatsuya Yuuki’s title of “Meijin Kawaguchi III” is a tribute to Katsumi Kawaguchi. A silhouette from Gundam Build Fighters Amazing also implies that he’s the first Meijin Kawaguchi.

Who is the 2nd Meijin?

During the final round for the regional qualifiers, he defeated all his opponents within 10 seconds, cementing himself as one of the World Championship’s top contenders. His identity is later revealed to be Eleonora McGovern.

Who is Sekai Kamikis master?

Sekai’s master is a homage to Domon Kasshu from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, resembling his overall features and looks. Sekai also seems to have Domon’s attitude to fight strong opponents.

How old is Reiji?

As Reiji is 14 during his arrival to Earth, he was 7 by the time Mashita is still on Earth and children below 10 years old are likely to have low memory skills.

Did Sei and Reiji meet again?

Reiji and Sei lost the match again, and since time was too short to have Sei rebuild the Build Strike, they resorted to finishing the Tournament with their spare Gunpla, the Build Gundam Mk-II.

Who is Meijin Kawaguchi?

Sandaime Meijin Kawaguchi?), is a character first featured in the Gundam Build Fighters television series and later the protagonist of the Gundam Build Fighters Amazing manga serialization. He also appears in Gundam Build Fighters Try as a supporting character.

Why did Kawaguchi change his name to Yuuki?

In the middle of the fight, Kawaguchi declared to Allan that he would forfeit his title of Meijin for this fight, instead taking up his real name, Tatsuya Yuuki, claiming that if he defeated Julian as himself, then he would become the Meijin he truly aspired to be.

What happened between Kawaguchi and Mashita?

While Mashita was laid back about the situation and using the excuse of boosting TV ranks, Kawaguchi seized his wrist and applied pressure into it, all the while stating his displeasure with the addition of a computer-generated Gunpla as well as demanding such action not to be done again before taking his departure.

Why did Kawaguchi stay out of the Gunpla fight?

Kawaguchi dashed towards the fighting field in order to assist Sei Iori and his allies in defeating the computer-generated Gunpla, but his manager convinced him to stay out of the fight.