Who manufactures Alumawood?

Alumawood is a division of Omnimax® International, a leading international producer of value-added aluminum, steel, vinyl, copper and fiberglass products for original equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors and home centers worldwide.

What is the difference between Alumawood and Elitewood?

Quality: Quality is one of the most significant factors distinguishing Elitewood and Alumawood patio covers. Elitewood patio covers are made with steel support beams that are about 25 percent thicker than Alumawood beams. This makes them more durable and longer lasting.

Can you walk on top of Alumawood?

Can You Walk On a Alumawood Patio Cover? “Yes, you can.” There are many different manufacturers in the Aluminum Patio Cover industry, and they all make different qualities.

What does Alumawood look like?

Alumawood is aluminum that has been embossed, painted and manufactured into shapes that resemble wood (cedar). The finished product is a beautiful, low maintenance, shade cover that will outlast any other material on the market today.

Is Duralum the same as Alumawood?

Alumawood is manufactured by Amerimax. Weatherwood is manufactured by Duralum.

Can you screw into Alumawood?

Can you screw into Alumawood? “Yes, you can, But. why would you want to?” As an alternative to drilling holes into your Alumawood Patio Cover, you can use 3M plastic hooks.

How much weight can an Alumawood patio cover hold?

What snow and wind loads are available with Alumawood covers? Our standard covers have a 10lb live (snow) load and a 110 mph wind load. Our engineering accommodates up to 50 lb snow loads & 130 mph wind loads.

Can you paint Alumawood?

Alumawood shade structures are easy to maintain. Generally, normal rainfall is all it takes to keep them looking clean. Our systems won’t crack, peel, warp or rot. They’re also termite-proof and will never need painting.

How do you clean Alumawood?

Nevertheless, cleaning your Alumawood® structure is simple and easy. For a light cleaning, use a garden hose and a soft-bristle brush to remove any loose dirt and grime. Should you need a more thorough cleaning, use equal parts mild soap and water to scrub away any pesky dirt or residue on your beams.

Why choose alumawood?

Alumawood offers four distinct product lines that allow you to find the balance of style and comfort that is right for you. From sophisticated screens to covered panels and motorized louvers, Alumawood has the options to elevate your outdoor living space and improve the value of your home. Want to reduce sun exposure on your patio?

How long does alumawood aluminum last?

Aluminum lasts a lifetime, but parts can fall off or get old after time. Alumawood Products have every part need to keep your patio cover looking great. Check out our replacement parts available.

Why choose alumawood patio covers?

Whether you’re having a barbeque with family and friends or relaxing with a book, patio covers help protect from the sun, rain, snow and other elements. With an embossed surface, Alumawood provides the beauty of a richly textured, woodgrain finish — with a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep. Which System Is Right for Me?