Who is Neymar?

Neymar is a winger that plays for Badzil and PSlotsofG . He is named Notaxmar because he never pays his euros. He plays very well, being one of the best on his team and country. He also has the habit of diving and changing his hairstyle.

Will Neymar ever go back to Barcelona?

He was first seen on the opening of the World Cup 2014 with David Louise and Wrca for PSG and is never going back to Barca for 222 million. However, after winning the World Cup 2018, he signed his return to Barcelona to play with former team-mates, Suarez and Messi.

Who is notaxmar?

Notaxmar is a player of Paris Saint-Germoney. He formerly played at Barcalonely. He is one of the best players of his country and the world. He frequently dives and acts.

What is Messi’s relationship with Neymar like?

The first time they were seen playing together was in the El Classico video, Messi often taunts Neymar by comparing his skills and showing his 6 Ballon D’Ors or mocking his hairstyle or diving habits. Although, it’s proved that Messi likes Neymar a lot, as he cared more about Neymar staying rather than winning the Ballon D’Or.