What is biggest employer in NJ?


Rank Company Industry
1 ADP Professional Services
2 Amazon Logistics & Trans.
3 AT Corp. IT & Comm.
4 Atlantic City Showboat Inc Hospitality

What percent of Monmouth County is white?


White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent  75.1%
Population Characteristics
Veterans, 2016-2020 24,343
Foreign born persons, percent, 2016-2020 13.5%

How many businesses are in Monmouth County NJ?


Total employer establishments, 2019 19,308
Total employment, 2019 248,962
Total annual payroll, 2019 ($1,000) 13,224,043
Total employment, percent change, 2018-2019 2.1%

What company hires the most employees?

Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world, generating 523.96 billion U.S. dollars in 2019….Leading 500 Fortune companies based on number of employees in 2019.

Characteristic Number of employees

Which state has the most Fortune 500 companies?

In 2021, New York had a total of 53 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state. California, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio rounded out the top five of states with the most Fortune 500 companies….Number of U.S. companies listed in the Fortune 500 ranking in 2021, by state.

State Number of companies

What makes a company a Fortune 500 company?

The term Fortune 500 refers to a list of 500 of the largest companies in the United States compiled by Fortune magazine every year. Companies are ranked by their annual revenues for their respective fiscal years. This list includes both public and private companies using publicly available revenue data.

Is Monmouth County Rural?

Between 1890 and 1907 nearly 18 million European immigrants came to America. At the same time the region underwent massive and not unrelated economic changes, this process led to places like Monmouth County, New Jersey becoming significantly more diverse and somewhat less rural.

Which is the best company to work for in New Jersey?

LARGEST EMPLOYERS IN NEW JERSEY Rank Company Industry NJ Employees 1 1 RWJBarnabas Health Health care 2 2 Rutgers, The State University of New Jer Higher education 3 3 United Airlines Airline/aviation 4 4 Johnson & Johnson Health care

Which companies have the most employees in Burlington County?

Burlington County Lockheed Martin (3,500 employees) Virtua Memorial Hospital (3,300 employees) Burlington Coat Factory (2,000 employees)

What are the top 500 companies in New Jersey?

15 NEW JERSEY FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES COMPANY FORTUNE 500 RANK CITY COUNTY REVENUE ($ MILLIONS) 1 Johnson & Johnson 36 New Brunswick Middlesex 2 Prudential Financial 55 Newark Essex 3 Merck 65 Kenilworth Hunterdon 4 Becton Dickinson 177 Franklin Lakes Bergen

What is the corporate income tax rate in New Jersey 2022?

*Corporate Income Tax will decrease to 9% in 2022. We provide customized RFI responses, demographics, detailed market assessments and other complimentary business relocation and expansion services. When your company chooses to grow in New Jersey, we also will help you publicize your good news.