How do you use coiffure in a sentence?

Coiffure in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When Jimmy wears a coiffure of that style, he looks like a mobster in his silk suit.
  2. Many people wonder if the political candidate’s unusual coiffure is a wig or his natural hair.

What does the word coiffures mean?

Coiffure, which is a somewhat fancy way of saying “hairdo,” has its roots in the French verb coiffer, which can mean “to arrange (hair)” or “to cover with a coif (any of various close-fitting caps, such as that worn under a veil by a nun).” Be careful not to confuse it with coiffeur, which refers to a person who works …

How do you say the word coiffure?

noun, plural coif·fures [kwah-fyoorz; French kwa-fyr]. a style of arranging the hair. a head covering; headdress. verb (used with object), coif·fured [kwah-fyoord], coif·fur·ing [kwah-fyoor-ing].

What is quaffed hair?

To summarize, ‘coif’ means something that covers the head, meaning either a hairstyle or a cap that covers all of the head except for the face. ‘Quaff’ means to drink something with a lot of enthusiasm.

What is the plural of coiffure?

coiffure (countable and uncountable, plural coiffures) hairstyle.

Is a fancy French word for hairdo?

Coiffure is a fancy French word for hairdo.

Is it coiffed or quaffed?

What is Intercoiffure?

INTERCOIFFURE. THE VOICE OF SALON OWNERS. To form and maintain a professional association of the most talented and prestigious members of the beauty profession. To increase the knowledge, skills and good habits of the membership in the fields of beauty, fashion, finance and fellowship through equal exchange between members.

What is a family?

Family: A family is a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption who live together; all such related persons are considered as members of one family.

Why Intercoiffure hairstylists?

Intercoiffure hairstylists from over 50 countries come together to develop trend visions, work on global education programmes, overcome times of crisis, celebrate fashion highlights and empower each other throughout the course of their lifelong friendships. And that has been the case for over 90 years.

How long has Intercoiffure Mondial been around?

And that has been the case for over 90 years. Intercoiffure Mondial shares a unique passion with its hairstylists and industry partners: we all love unique hair fashion moments. Across the world.