Who is XENO-T?

The South Korean by group went by the name Topp Dogg for a while, however, it was later changed Xeno-T in 2018. As Topp Dogg, they were originally thirteen members but now the group consists of five members. Their company gave them the name Xeno-T by connecting Xenogeneic and Top-Class. Their music consists of rapping and singing.

Why don’t we know more about Neptune?

But as it is, there is much that people don’t know about it. Perhaps it is because Neptune is the most distant planet from our Sun, or because so few exploratory missions have ventured that far out into our Solar System. But regardless of the reason, Neptune is a gas (and ice) giant that is full of wonder!

How big is Neptune compared to other gas giants?

With an equatorial radius of only 24,764 km, Neptune is smaller than all the other gas giants in the Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. But here’s the funny thing: Neptune is actually more massive than Uranus by about 18%. Since it’s smaller but more massive, Neptune has a much higher density than Uranus.

What is the closest we have seen Neptune?

Neptune has only been viewed up-close by a spacecraft once since its discovery. The flyby was conducted by NASA’s Voyager 2 in August 1989. The Voyager 2 passed within 1,864 miles off Neptune’s the North Pole, making it the closest approach made by Voyager 2.