Where is Florida Power Light headquarters?

Juno Beach, FLFlorida Power & Light / Headquarters
Florida Power & Light Company | 700 Universe Blvd. (CEA/JB) Juno Beach, FL 33408. (561) 691-7948.

How do I contact FPL?

Find easy ways to troubleshoot TV, radio, phone or computer problems. Call 1-800-4-OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) immediately to report a dangerous condition such as a downed power line. Please call 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

What area does Florida Power and Light serve?

The Company supplies electric service in most of the territory along the east coast of Florida (except the Jacksonville area and four other municipalities which have municipal electric systems), the agricultural area around southern and eastern Lake Okeechobee, the lower west coast area, and portions of central and …

Is FPL owned by Duke Energy?

Florida is home to four regulated, monopoly utility companies: Duke Energy, Tampa Electric, Southern Company’s Gulf Power, and NextEra Energy’s Florida Power & Light (FPL), which is the largest of the four.

What does FPL stand for?

Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

Family size 2021 income numbers 2022 income numbers
For individuals $12,880 $13,590
For a family of 2 $17,420 $18,310
For a family of 3 $21,960 $23,030
For a family of 4 $26,500 $27,750

Can I start FPL service online?

It’s easy to start service at your home or business. Just click “Start Now” below and follow the instructions. You will need: Your FPL.com username and password.

Does FPL cover the whole state of Florida?

In South Florida and more than half the state, Florida Power & Light Co. is the only provider, with the exception of some municipal utilities. FPL prides itself on its electric rates, touting how they’re the lowest in Florida and among the lowest in the country.

Where does Florida’s electricity come from?

Solar energy and biomass provide almost all of Florida’s renewable-sourced electricity generation. Renewable resources fueled about 5% of Florida’s in-state electricity net generation in 2020, and almost two-thirds of the state’s renewable generation came from solar energy.