What word in Spanish means go to?

Spanish Translation. ir. More Spanish words for go. ir verb.

What is the Spanish command for go?

Informal Spanish Commands – Affirmative & Negative

verb tú command (affirmative) example
ir (to go) ve Vete. (Go away.)
poner (to put, to place) pon Ponlo en mi habitación. (Put it in my room.)
salir (to go out, to leave) sal Sal de aquí. (Get out of here.)
ser (to be) Sé un buen chico. (Be a good boy.)

What dies Casa mean?

Court-appointed special advocate (CASA) and guardian ad litem (GAL) volunteers (what they’re called varies by location) make a life-changing difference for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Each volunteer is appointed by a judge to advocate for a child’s best interest in court.

How do I become a child advocate in Louisiana?

To become a CASA volunteer, you must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Attend a virtual 30-minute orientation session.
  3. Complete a background check.
  4. Complete a 32-hour training course.
  5. Make a one-year commitment to a child.

How do you transfer English to Spanish?

– We transferred the baby’s car seat to the other car. – The patient was transferred to a different hospital. – He transferred my call to another line. – The virus is transferred by mosquitoes.

How do you change English to Spanish?

Touch the Toolbox or wrench icon in the bottom right corner on the screen with the Magnifying Glass and Map icons

  • Touch the Wrench icon in the top left corner1
  • Touch the Red Lips icon
  • Touch the silver or gray box on the right side of the screen2
  • Touch the Up Arrow until you find the desired language
  • Touch the desired language
  • Touch OK
  • How to convert English words into Spanish?

    Launch your document in Microsoft Word.

  • Find the text you want to translate in your document and highlight it using your cursor.
  • Switch to the Review tab at the top of your screen.
  • A new pane with your translations will open on the right side of the screen.
  • How to convert English to Spanish?

    English to Spanish Translation is a free online translation services tool. This online English to Spanish translation uses Google transliteration. Google translate tool is accurate and fast. Spanish Translator tool is simple to convert from English to Spanish. Type letters in English sentence, then click to convert button.