What is a fancy word for underwear?

What is another word for underwear?

undies underclothes
underclothing undergarments
briefs underpants
drawers lingerie
smalls underthings

What is a slang word for underwear?

Synonyms. (underwear): boxer shorts, briefs, bloomers, (UK) pants, panties, (slang) butt-huggers, undies, (slang) tighty whities, knickers, drawers, (UK, Australia) smalls, (slang, UK) shreddies, (slang, New Zealand) gruds, longjohns, thong, undertrousers, underwear.

What is another word for women’s underwear?

What is another word for women’s underwear?

lingerie undies
underpants panties
intimate things drawers
briefs broekies
undergarment corset

Is the word “underwear” singular or plural?

Underwear is the plural form of underwear. In the English language, there are some words that can be used both singularly and plural. One of these unique words is underwear. The singular and plural forms of defective nouns are the same, such as underwear. These words include deer, swine, flour, and chinos.

What are some names for underwear?

– Control panties – usually made of stretchable material such as Spandex and extending above the waist, these are designed to provide support and create a slimmer appearance. – High cut (French cut) panties. – Hipster – worn lower with the waistband around the hips.

What to do with unwanted underwear?

The Problem with Textile Waste. The simple and easy solution would be to just throw the old clothes away.

  • Resell Your Clothes. The first option for unwanted clothes would be to find a way to resell them.
  • Donate Your Clothes. You can also choose to donate your gently worn clothing.
  • Recycle Your Clothes.
  • What do we need underwear for?

    As a guy,I do not want my penis/balls to ever get stuck in the zipper of my pants/etc.,so SAFETY,

  • Next is COMFORT,the inside material of many pants/etc.
  • Next,many garments of today don’t hide your privates properly and a base-layer is needed for MODESTY,