How many popes have visited the White House?

three popes
Papal visits to the White House have been rare—with Pope Francis’ recent visit, just three popes in history have visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This most recent visit provides an opportunity to look back at the pontiffs who have visited the President’s House.

What US presidents have visited the Pope?

President Gerald Ford and first lady Betty Ford visit Pope Paul VI at the Vatican in 1975. President Richard Nixon meets with Pope Paul VI at the Vatican in 1970. In 1965, Pope Paul VI became the first Pope to visit the United States.

How many US presidents have met with a Pope?

The first meeting between a pope and an incumbent U.S. president took place in the aftermath of World War I, January 1919, at the Vatican between Benedict XV and Woodrow Wilson. Altogether, there have been 30 meetings between six popes and 14 American presidents over the past century.

Who was the 1st pope to visit the White House?

Pope John Paul II
President Jimmy Carter with Pope John Paul II, photograph by Bill Fitz-Patrick, October 6, 1979. Pope John Paul II was the first pope to ever visit the White House.

Who was first Catholic pope?

Saint Peter

Bishop of Rome Pontifex maximus Pope
First holder Saint Peter
Denomination Catholic Church
Established 1st century
Diocese Rome

Who visited the White House in 1979 and what was decided?

President Jimmy Carter – Pope John Paul II s Visit to the White House, 1979. In October 1979, when Pope John Paul II made his first papal pilgrimage to the United States, he took the country by storm.

Who was pope in 1979?

Pope Saint John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II
Rank Cardinal priest (1967–1978)
Personal details
Born Karol Józef Wojtyła18 May 1920 Wadowice, Second Polish Republic
Died 2 April 2005 (aged 84) Apostolic Palace, Vatican City